Why do you worship a Monkey God?

Posted on December 12, 2013
Location: London
Why do you worship a Monkey God?

DATE TODAY: 11.12.13. How cool is that? Apparently; a lot of our friends from across the world, are tying knots today on this remarkable date. Congratulations!

This friend of mine, whenever he comes to my home, stops by the worship place and stares at all the Hindu deities.  He has this question: why your gods are dressed up like kings, why do you worship a stone, why do you worship a monkey? By the way, my friend practices a different religion. I always had given him some answer, which even I was not convinced myself. How will he be?

GOD Mahadev said once; every day without your knowledge, in different forms, as a different person/animal,  through different situations, I help you with all your pursuits, with all your quests, answering all your questions and try to make you a conscious soul.

The flower-shop owner from whom I buy flowers every weekend, for last four years to offer to the deities at home, have become a dear friend indeed. We always have interesting discussions, every time I come over to his shop. He may have been a run-away young man, who left his wealthy parents to disembark in a country, where his identity is just a flower shop owner - BUT he said something that day, which felt as if Mahadev himself has answered to the pining question of my friend i.e. why your gods are dressed up like kings, why do you worship a stone, why do you worship a monkey?

He said:  At the beginning, there were only Adam and Eve on the earth surface. Do you know what the colour of their skin was? Today we have 7.04 billion populations and some of us are white, some are black and some are brown. Some speak English, some speak Africano and some speak Chinese. How it is possible to have so much of variety from just one set of Adam and Eve? So many races, each of them have such loaded history about them. These history pages are so different from each other that, it’ll appear as if there was no connection between these races, between current civilization and starting point i.e. Adam/Eve. But that is not true. We do have a connection, right? Similarly – GOD IS ALWAYS ONE, WAS ONE, WILL BE ONE. People in western countries like reading and believe in what they read, that’s why for them a holy book was good enough. But in your country (my country: India), your people believe in stories, believe in what they see in a character, what they hear from a character…it’s all about expression...that’s why you have monkey GODs, stone GODs and king-like GODs. That does not mean, GOD is different. GOD is ONE, GOD has always been ONE. Like from one set of Adam/Eve, 7.04 billion black/white/brown populations were derived, similarly from one set of GOD, many sets were created. We have separated GOD, for our comfort, for our understanding, for our difference, to make it easy, for each of us to STILL follow GOD, in our terms.

Now; I do not need more/better explanation. Do you? Let my friend come home this time. I have enough to fill him with.

Mahadev also said: “Saab se adhik pashuta toh manushyon mein hota hey!”. English: there is more animalness exist within human race today; than with the animals. The journey from the animalness to humanship may have taken millions of year in the past but the reverse? The Reverse has been an easier…quicker and sweeter one. What we like to be, is what matters – nothing else . Animal which gets in but does not know how to get out or a human who knows both?

With that thought – I’d like to wish you all a night full of sweet dreams. Take very good care of yourself.

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