Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

Posted on December 14, 2013
Location: London
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

Like those uncountable grains of sand in a desert or at those endless sea shores, we humans dwell on our earth surface. At times we consider ourselves so big and powerful, yet at a time like this we consider ourselves so tiny, helpless and insubstantial. How much control can we have on a situation…a situation which we go through on a daily basis or accidentally sometimes?

Blissfully, the forces that govern the cosmos somehow manage to make room for all of us, to have an option to survive now, to sustain today and get ready ourselves for an unknown future once again tomorrow.

It was yet again a reason today to believe that we are protected, as long as we have the faith, inspiration and are able to see the true potential of divine power. Thank you almighty. He is the reason I continue to exist and I am forever incapable without you and your blessings. Thank you... Thank you…Thank you…he is sleeping peacefully and I shall till the very last day of my life…will have this faith. I am falling short of words…

Good night and wishing you all a very blessed day tomorrow. Lots of love…God Bless!

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