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About My Writing

We must learn to pass
back the knowledge
to the world

Today knowledge is available in different platforms, in different languages at different costs. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access, expertise and money to avail such knowledge.

With myself; I have wide range of interests such as: food, sports, politics, nature, philanthropy, environment, society in general, spirituality, photography, music, movies, technology, IT, Management, Accounting, philosophy, well being, travel, entrepreneurship, education, agriculture, farming, innovation, health, communication, work on global warming, general knowledge and what not. I am keen to know about everything. I am spastic with information I have already consumed.

And like Subrato Bagchi wrote in his book “The Professional” – it’s unfair to consume all knowledge but not pass back any to the world. We must learn to pass back the knowledge to the world, in whichever way possible to maintain the knowledge cycle moving.

World has become such an uncertain place lately – we must start to act today before it is late. I want to continue to learn and share my knowledge with others. How do we do that? It is practically impossible to achieve, by dealing individually. I think SOCIAL NETWORKING/INTERNET based communication as this website, is such a perfect platform for information sharing & collaboration purposes.

This website & my communication with you all, through this website; shall therefore give all of us an opportunity to share knowledge & interact as freely as possible and not have to wait for, or be guided by, another medium, which may not be as easily approachable as this way.

So question remains; Why do I write? This is because; I want to empty
my mind and fill my heart with pleasure.

And one last matter.
I heard it somewhere:
Agar dost bana ke kaam
ho sakta hey...tow dusman
kyon banayel

     (If we still can do things being
friends...why chosee to become foes!?).

In conclusion for the moment; this is what I want to pass on & wish to thank to all of those beautiful people who have chosen to be my friends by subscribing to my postings or visiting my website.

Knowledge is power…
Sharing is divine…
Friendship is life…
Forgiveness is everything!

Sincerely yours;

Bikash MohantyBikash Mohanty"Welcome to my website!
I am grateful for your visit. Please enjoy my writings and reach out to me, with your feedback."


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