Mirror reflects an object in front; Mind it!

Posted on September 25, 2017
Location: London
Mirror reflects an object in front; Mind it!

They say; as soon as we move one step up from the bottom, our effectiveness depends on our ability to reach others through the spoken and written word. Steve Jobs was the most captivating communicator on the world stage in the recent times.  Some said he was very precise, often referred to statistics and numbers.  Others said; he was a brilliant storyteller and was less flattering. I personally found his sentences were full of positive wordings such as “Amazing”. “Magnificent” and “Will Change forever…like never before” etc; which made him “magnetic,” “captivating,” and “appealing”.

Who prepares those brilliant statistics and numbers Steve Jobs showed in his presentations? That must be his team of accountants. What is the relevance of these numbers and statistics to the prospective customers really? Those are relevant because we humans have finite minds. We can not muddle through with large set of data or information and still be able to make sense of it. We hire accountants to help us aggregate those large datasets and present us with bottom-lines.

God does not need accountants in the heaven. That is because; God is infinite, Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. God is capable of taking account of each and every life on the earth surface individually. Just Imagine. Good. Fair enough. Why is this comparison with God? That is because when we came into this world, we found God has filled it with everything purposefully; that we need to live happily and sufficiently. As if that was not enough; we started to invest and invent more to make our lives more comfortable. As a result - Are we more comfortable? Satisfied? Happy? Are we?

The solution for one problem with the help of technology; is giving rise to another problem. Instead of taking care personally we are sending SMS or giving a call on important occasions which were attended personally in olden days. With the use of same internet children are getting addicted to online games and their physical activities and exercises are becoming considerably less. The same social networks are creating rivalry between best friends and couples are getting divorced. The same aviation & military technology is giving health problems for their workers and creating serious environmental threats. With the heavy usage of fertilizers soil is losing its natural fertility and several varieties of plants, animals, creatures have become extinct. Technology has shifted our focus, changed our attitude towards others and made us careless towards the nature. Even after so much of advancement; some of the critical illnesses are incurable, yet growing; thanks to the lifestyle & environmental changes.  Rivers are drying; Sea levels are rising; recent devastating and frequent earthquakes, might give the impression that earthquake activities are increasing.  There are frequent hurricanes in some countries and season-shifts in others. For example; in my state in India, there is no more winter. It seems to have gone completely. As a child; I remember, we used to experience all six seasons distinctively and adequately.

Everyone wants to be happy. Some of us seek happiness through our families, in natural and healthy living, in successful careers, active social lives, fine gourmet foods, gambling, or through sports and exercise. Others experience happiness in politics, the arts, academia, or in hobbies ranging from mechanics and computer science to drama, philanthropy, welfare work, and literally thousands of other activities that comprise man's unending quest for pleasure. Millions of people find their happiness in liquor, mood elevators, tranquilizers, or other drugs.  

Each day doctors and scientists discover more about how the human mind and body work. Yet with this abundance of scientific knowledge and space-age technology, which vastly outstrips that of all previous generations, is modern man really any happier than his predecessors?   I doubt; and you?

The basic problem in our search for happiness is that our sources of pleasure are all limited. What many people consider our most basic and fundamental pleasures - eating and sex-can only occupy a few moments of each day. Our bodies constantly thwart our plans for enjoyment. After all, we can only eat so much before becoming ill. Even sex has its limits as well. 

So; what do we do?  We must accept our finiteness, live in the present and live with each other, together.  As a mirror reflects an object, as a still lake reflects the sky: we must ensue what we speak or act, is good for all. For goodness will always cast back goodness and harm will always cast back harm. With that thought in mind; i wish you all Good Night, Subh Ratri & Sabah Khair.  Have a wonderful week ahead. Love you all.

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