Tukur Tukur from God-Ji!

Posted on December 26, 2016
Location: London
Tukur Tukur from God-Ji!

What is the trickiest part in transforming our life to a more comfortable one ? Is it expensive to purchase exhilaration? Is exhilaration a distant reality?  How far do we need to travel to catch hold of exhilaration? What it takes? Too much? Too long? Too far? Someone asked me to help find him a job. When I did and tried to organize an interview; he got bit greedy by then, and asked me: “if you imagine I am working for Google, earning £X and you are Apple; how would you entice me?” I wanted to answer but thought there is no point. I smiled and told him, I believe he is wise. I am only doing what he has requested me i.e. to find him a job. Rest all is his choice.

Often I am criticised for speaking less. I was speaking a lot before. I guess, maturity has take over. When I was younger; I used to get disheartened with my Dad’s approach. He used to observe  in silence and not warn me of a matter, which could cause me some loss/pain. When I questioned why; he would often answer “You never asked me; so I didn’t tell you!”. Now I am able to understand the wiseness in his approach.  I proudly copy everything, everyone’s approach shamelessly; as long as it is good. Dad’s approach was good. So?

In Mahabharata; two sides fought an epic war. 100 brothers and their allies fought against 5 brothers and their limited army sources. While Kauravas were guided by Shakuni (their maternal uncle); Pandavas were guided by Lord Srikrishna. Shakuni guided Kauravas to take over other states, employ distortion to build the kingdom and if required kill anyone (FAMILY Members to that matter) for their own benefit. And by doing all these; Shakuni taught Kauravas that; they will have an empire, in which Duryadhan will be the Emperor.

And Lord Krishna? Lord Krishna guided Pandavas to only perform KARM, righteous KARM, Virtuous Karm and forget about the end result. He taught them that; end result is a by-product of performing righteous actions. Righteous actions can be small, small as anything normal; eating food, drinking water, sleeping 8 hours to sustain a life full of good health. Lord Krishna advised Pandavas to be kind, to give, to forgive, to donate, to respect, to inspire, to be compassionate, to not use distort and just perform duty in every single day-to-day situation, as honestly as possible.

Which side won the battle at the end and who became emperor? Pandavas or Kauravas? Whose guidance worked at the end? Shakuni’s or Lord Krishana's? Conclusion therefore is not to follow manipulation/Enticement ; rather to follow innovation/Honest-Inspiration/Passion . Exactly what Einstein said; “Success comes from Curiosity, Concentration, Perseverance and self-criticism”. And quite similar to what an unknown source also said “Slow and steady wins the race”. Amazing; how these wise messengers from different country, religion, field-of-work; speak the same thing but in different language in different holy/science/text books. Hey na ? Hey na, bolo bolo. Mummy Bolo Bolo; Papa Bolo-Bolo...

Business coaching of current times; suggests us; to caste tunnel vision, to dream big, to be flexible, to compromise, to prefer short-termism. These were essentially the teachings of Shakuni. The question in the second paragraph above “ How would you entice me? ” is from the same school of thoughts. No; we don’t need to entice ANYBODY. The choice is not upon us, but on the other party to select between doing “Right” and “Wrong”.

Some people take inspiration from simple honesty alone. Some people take inspiration from profit/more money/wealth. Fair enough. Wealth can be achieved through innovation and wealth can also be achieved through manipulation.   Aiming wealth is not a bad thing at all; but the means of attaining it; makes all that difference.  Manipulation demands impatience and innovation always has plenty of time for instinctive turnout. No? Yes.

If I have to put this sentense ( how would you entice me? ”) differently - I’d perhaps ask, “ How do you think the role can inspire me? ” The message from this question is that we are open to listen/apprehend/think and the message from the original question “how would you entice me?” is that we are not very open, we are conditionally available, we can be little manipulative and we are flexible to be enticed by any means.  That does not give me a good feeling about the person. Does it? So why bother enticing him at the first place ?

What is the point of all these analysis above? New Year is just around the corner and we have an opportunity to set a New Year resolution. Shall we?

Belated Merry Christmas BTW. How was yours? Mine was wonderful. Spoke to all my life-lines early in the morning; got little sad by speaking to some of other life-lines, with my inability to curate their attitude towards life in general, wish I was. I simply want them to be peaceful. Then came the biggest news – what a day to bring it on, from the one of my best friends; and finally an evening with happy bunch of friends. Perfect. Great food, great company and great feelings within as well.  Jigar ka tukda is far away from London this holiday season. Every cell of my body craved a little hug from him. But then wiseness from God delivered straight into my ears. “Be happy with what you got. Unrestrained senses and desire for sense objects due to attachment are the root causes of all the sufferings.. Desire for sense objects comes from attachment to sense objects, and anger comes from unfulfilled desires. Delusion arises from anger. The mind is bewildered by delusion.”. I have plenty of little kids around me all evening…I saw Rishi in all of them.... and they reciprocated nicely too. It was a good deal between mind and heart.

Wiseness from Godji se yaad aya; ke tukur tukur karke Godji kafi kuch; hamesha kuch na kuch; mere kaan mein kehte rehtein hein; perhaps in your ears too. Can you hear? Pay attention – and now? Can you hear tukur tukur? Goodnight, Sabah Khair and Subh-Ratri. laugh Love you all. Merry Christmas.

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