Who has the final say?

Posted on January 4, 2014
Location: London
Who has the final say?

Often we see bridges over the rivers connecting from one side of the river to the other. What is the need? Is to create bilateral relationship, trade relationship between people living on both sides of the river? What if one side do not want that? Well; then there will not be any need of a bridge, as simple as that. If at all both the sides agree to have a bridge; who will actually pay for the construction cost? Will it be divided 50-50 or it will be based on the percentage of benefit each side can expect to have? Lets say that is also sorted and both sides agree on sharing the construction cost by half. Will that solve all the problem or future problems?

First of all; we need to look at if there is any possible trust between two sides . That is important. If there is no trust – there is no need of a bridge, at the first place! Do we agree? What is the point fooling us now and have a bridge; knowing that it is only going to ignite future problems.

Such problems are tricky. We complain; what can't life be quiet, calm and comfortable? Why must we continually struggle with an apparently endless series of infuriating challenges?

These problems/issues are tricky but they are definitely not insoluble. I'm sure all of us would greet the possibility to exist in such a world, even if it seems full of problems sometimes. Do we have another choice? What is that? I’d like to know myself. If we have no choice than to live in this world now as it is – then why we should not try and learn to deal with the problems, face them, talk to the problems, ask them what their problem is and how can we help… but we must have a final say! If we are not having a final say, that is the indication that we have gone wrong somewhere or going wrong! We need to be back being right again is the solution.

Dogs are the most faithful and honest animals, they say. Have you lately looked at a dog with kindness in your eyes? Lets always do so.  Good night! Take very good care of yourself and your loved one...

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