Happy New Year - 2014!

Posted on January 3, 2014
Location: London
Happy New Year - 2014!

New Year celebration is still on the go. Friends are over to celebrate the New Year with us. We are taking turns to play our favourite songs, which is to introduce to others what we like and them appreciating what we like…idea is simple…to feel what we need most in our deepest within…pleasure…happiness…love; forgetting everything else, possibly can interrupt.

Love can not be measured. And it does not require measurement either. A little or huge; if felt at all – is the ultimate. That is the defining moment… that is the bliss…that is our heaven. Feelings are like pure water and love is highest standard of feeling, possibly possible.

Human body produces about 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime. 2/3 of our earth is filled with water – still we experience drought, even when we have this much of fluid at our disposal. Like wise; we all have been granted already with vast perhaps endless reservoir of love and kindness in our hearts, for a life time. Why do we then encounter drought in experiencing love? 

When pipes/taps, which supply water, seize up – we try cleaning them, by giving them a good rinse. Similarly we need to dust off our inner heart valves, from expectation, conditions and situations. We need to let our life flood with pure feelings and watch others being inspired to do the same.

At the very end though; kindnesses protect us more than the toughness. I wish 2014 be the year for us, with endless kindness, never ending love and countless smiles…

With all my love…Happy New Year!

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