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Bikash Mohanty is a Social Change Leader, A philanthropist, an innovative technologist, a keen writer/blogger/illustrator/columnist, a mythologist, a Financial Transformation specialist, a Chartered Accountant, a Business/Life coach and an International IT Interim executive; who presents latest trends in the society & environment, analyses their impact to the world at large, produces considerable action oriented options & inspires fellow citizens in India & around the world to make changes collectively.

Bikash has studied: “Chartered Accounting” from ACCA, UK; “Bachelor of Engineering” from Utkal University, India; “Export Management” from IIEM, India; “Diploma in Life Coaching"  from Australian institute of Coaching; “Diploma in Business Coaching"   from Australian institute of Business Coaches; Professional course on "Digital Transformation" from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Professional course on "Business Analytics"  from University of Cambridge  & continuing with his “MBA” from the LMU, UK. Since his graduation, Bikash has worked already in 20 different industry sectors, including some global FORTUNE listed organizations , across the globe (India, Australia, Singapore, USA, UK & Middle-east).

Socio-economic studies helps to determine how a proposed development project will affect or change the lives of current or future residents of the world at large. Bikash has studied and is certified on following subjects: |  Enterpreneurship in Emerging Economies  (Harvard  University) |  Leaders of Learning  (Harvard  University) |  Justice  (Harvard  University) |  Prescription Drug Regulation, Cost and Access  (Harvard  University) |  The Health Effects of Climate Change  (Harvard  University) |  Smart Cities  (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) |  Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective  (Sustainable Development Goals Academy)

In addition to his professional education; Bikash has studied Creative Writing and Journalism  from "The Writers Bureau, UK" &   Professional Photography  from “London Photo Tour Company”. Bikash has been awarded certifications inArt of Sophistication from “Beatons, UK”;  in cooking  Thai delicacies  from “School of Wok, London”;  in cooking  Italian delicacies  from “La Cucina Caldesi London”;  in cooking Indian Coastal delicacies from “Cinnamon Kitchen, London”;  in preparing & serving Cocktails from “Anise, London” and in cooking a full course Japanese meal from “MAT UK LTD”.  Bikash is also a trained Golfer from “Central London Golf center” & a trained Iyengar Yoga practitioner from “IY Yoga Center, London”. Bikash is a vegetarian by choice and has been practicing teetotalism for many years now.

As part of his journey as student for life & student of life; Bikash has travelled and lived in India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Bikash is a proud citizen of India, Australia and United Kingdom. Bikash was born in Bhubaneswar (a mid size city) in Odisha state of India and that is what he considers as his HOME.

Bikash personally defines his remuneration to knowledge sharing: as insightful contributions by one individual; who has good knowledge, outlook, comprehension, education and sufficient international experiences; to develop a wise world view on various social & environmental topics, conditions; and anticipated changes, which produces thoughts, that are of interest to other individuals & organizations in India and across the globe.

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