Give me the best piece of meat you have here!

Posted on July 28, 2013
Location: London
Give me the best piece of meat you have here!

“Give me the best piece of meat you have here”, said the customer. And the butcher said “Every piece of meat I have here is best only”. Hmmm…what a thought! Felt related to our humanly world.

Large part of my life I kept viewing the human world based on the chemical theory! “No Gas is perfectly inert”. So every one has got good and bad in them. But recent few readings have changed my perception completely. Nope, not true any more.

Like the butcher said: “Every piece of meat I have here is best only”. Every soul (essentially what our physical form carries) is GOOD only. And it is true. What is also true is: every mind that affects or gets associated with the physical form of the soul is NOT GOOD. Mind is what makes us do all that nasty things (mostly)! In some cases, it helps you to do good things as well, but it is rare, very very rare!

Now do you feel it? I did when I tried to think. Mind is not ours. It is external. It affects like a wind fall, like some dust we catch, like a flu, like a bad company, like all those thing, we generally try to get rid of. If mind is one of those things – what should be our treatment for mind? Obviously, GET RID OF IT. Is it simple? Nope, not really.

Mind is also that medium, which helps us drive that aristocratic vehicle in our dream, called “EGO”. Without mind, there is no EGO. And we all love EGO. So it is hard to get rid of mind. But as long as we know and believe; it has to go and it is fake – we will do everything to destroy it, shall we?

Smile – it will kill the mind. Feel the Breath – it will kill the mind. Play around the nature – it will kill the mind. Dance in the rain – it will kill the mind, Listen to some music of your choice, it will kill the mind. Say someone how much you love/appreciate him/her – it will kill the mind. ACCEPT WHAT/WHO you are – IT WILL KILL THE MIND! There is nothing to fear. WE ARE ALL COMPLETE, as we are. Nothing more will have to done, for us to be more complete!

Have a very relaxing Sunday, my friends! Lots of love! XoXo!

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