Human relationships consist of mainly mind interacting!

Posted on July 23, 2013
Location: London
Human relationships consist of mainly mind interacting!

Yes, you are saying something? God, saying something? I have said it all already. Were you not paying attention? Quite common, hey? Typical, US (we are), these days!

Most human relationships consist of mainly mind interacting with each other, not human being communicating, being in the communication. No relationship can thrive in that way, and that is why there is so much of conflict in the relationship. When the mind is running your life – conflicts, strifes and problems are inevitable... alcohol and cigarette consumption is apparent. Being is touch with your inner-self is the ONLY solution! Don’t believe? – try it out then. Who asked you to believe me? Who am I? But do you have a choice? No one knows if there is any choice. Because there is NONE!

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