Everything has to be one of the two: good-bad!

Posted on August 12, 2013
Location: London
Everything has to be one of the two: good-bad!

Some of us look after the pennies because we think, if they do this, the notes of higher denomination will take care of themselves.

Others are very concerned not to make these enormous efforts. How silly it is to waste time & energy on some insignificant cutback whilst the chance to make a much bigger gain, as an alternative option, is completely overlooked.

Which option appears a wiser one? None, from the outset! One of them for sure, but depending on the condition or situation. And who can influence the condition/situation? Us, again! In the relative world we live in, everything has to be one of the two: good-bad, fair-unfair, black-white, happiness-unhappiness…never ending! But why should there be any frustration? How is that an experience possible, without existence of the opposite; simultaneously? Well, the pleasure is in knowing!

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