Everything rotates with the earth itself

Posted on August 16, 2013
Location: London
Everything rotates with the earth itself

ow long it takes to break a thing? Depends – Ohhh that famous DEPENDS! Depends what? How strong is your kick or the blow? Even how efficient is the tool-kit you have to break that thing, to that matter. No?

An antonym of breaking is creating. Creating, though, is a different ball game all together with the; energy it exudes, power it imparts, and belief it reinstates. In spite of all these virtue, one who creates is always up against forces of doubt and scepticism. There are finger points and criticism, which become part & parcel of the deal OF DOING GOOD, BEING GOOD. Common, don’t you believe that – even the great teachers whether it was Jesus Christ or SriKrishna or Rama or Mohammad, none of them were spared, killed eventually, at least some of them but all of them had gone through torture of doing good, teaching good.

Do you really want to get into all of that? Or do you want to evolve out of it into the realm of positivity? And this is: no matter how much destruction takes control, the creation will be heavier. No matter how much negativity controls, positivity will prevail. It is time for us to trust, accept, and move on.

Still don’t believe? Then find me a movie, from any country or in any language…at the end, the hero wins and the villain dies. Why is it? Why can’t they come up with movies where the villain wins at the end? When the first time, a motion picture was invented? Early nineties may be? In all songs to that matter, in all music to that matter, we chant only of the good, for the good & about the good. Why don't we do the opposite?

My Yoga teacher does not miss a chance to remind, Yoga was originated in India, 2500 years ago. Another form of creation! At this point in time, a large portion of educated population, from across the world are practising Yoga or thinking about joining Yoga!

My question – why there is always a strong force, which is acting automatically in the background, in some form or other, which is trying to make us believe that GOOD is always better than BAD?

Because; it has always been like that. In early nineties, 2500 years ago, even before, even before, even before, even before. Because that is the message of the creator, the Supreme Being, the invisible, the omniscience, the omnipotence, the omnipresence & the omnibenevolence. Important to remember; nothing is fixed or permanent, everything rotates with the earth itself, good time, bad time, creation, destruction, life, death, re-birth - everything!

So, “My dear, No fear! Good Night-Sleep tight”. Ohh, this is so rythematic!!! I am so poetic! I know you are thinking “A Patheic Poet!”. HE-HA!

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