Money without confidence

Posted on August 23, 2013
Location: London
Money without confidence

What do we think, money without confidence a better state to be in or confidence without money? Tricky! Money is power! And confidence? What is it's use? Confidence, helps to generate money, hence the power ultimately! No?

Now you will ask me, how do I get confidence? And I will not be upset at all answering this question. All are wondering, to find the answer, now from this point onwards, you answer this question for others, spill this power further.

You get confidence; by doing good, by speaking good, by looking good, by eating good, by sleeping good, by dressing up good, by loving good, by hugging good, by respecting good, by behaving good and by smelling good….do I continue further or let you fill the rest?

BTW; these are only ways. No other bys, no other means! Ohh, you still have ifs and buts; - does not matter. I still think these are only ways! Bye, nope, I am not listening, I can’t hear you, I can’t see you, oh its so noisy out here, I am going, I am gone…

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