Everything must GO!

Posted on August 13, 2013
Location: London
Everything must GO!

We often lean to say one thing and do another, most of us! We are human after all, so we cannot help but operate with a set of dual standards.

Why so? That is because; our flesh is finite, our spirit is eternal & mind is evil! When these three positions merge together perfectly, as part of one unit – then we say one thing and do the same thing. Is there anyone in this world, who has these three positions balances perfectly & regularly ? Hmmm….very very few! Shall we give up then? Not really…name of the game is “Trying!”. Life is an experience they say; hence experience is in trying. Everything must be tried...like they say "Everything must GO" on a "Closing Down Sale" advert.

Goodnight everyone! And once again; "a very happy birthday" to both my best friends, celebrating another happy return today!

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