Bombing in Boston? WHAT? WHY?

Posted on April 16, 2013
Location: London
Bombing in Boston? WHAT? WHY?

Bombing in Boston? WHAT? WHY? What did these innocent people do? Why were they targeted? Did they have sense; who plotted this? Are they human? Do they have family? Father? I can’t believe they can have any family and if so, did they love their family – NO! If someone can love his/her own family, how can they bring harm to others? I don’t get it! Very sad. May GOD give strength of all those people/families; who have lost their loved ones? No words can fill up their pain and loss.

These sorts of tragedies have been happening occasionally in the western countries but imagine in countries like India or Pakistan, where it is happening regularly & ALMOST on daily basis!

One thing I really appreciate how the Americans stand united in time like this, support each other and say “GOD BLESS AMERICA”. I hardly have seen this sort of unison in our country, when something similar happens. Wonder why? May be these are so regular that people have stopped reacting. Or it could be that we just don’t care. Remember those 3-4 "Rape" incidents in a row in India last year? Where has it gone, no where! Whichever it is - I am not going to analyze but certainly I appreciate the way American come together for the country and for fellow countrymen.

On a different note; I was watching a bollywood movie “OMG – Oh my GOD” recently and there is one particular dialogue in that movie, got me thinking, which said “SOLUTION, for any sort of problem/issue we face in our life, is actually present in the religious books, whether it is Bhagwat Gita, or Bible or Quran. Really? I thought how about I give it a try….I already had the book “Bhagwat Gita “at home and I have started reading one page per day. That is going well. But I was able to see, there are lots of similarities between “Bhagwat Gita” and Paul Coelho’s new book “Manuscript found in Accra “.

How is that possible? Should I think that Paul Coelho has been getting ideas from this Hindu religious book or it is sheer coincidence? I’ll go with the later, coincidence only. I'll explain. I know someone very wise, who has gone through all the three religious books (Gita, Bible & Quran) and he told me: most of the principles, ethics or codes mentioned in these three books; are quite similar, hence should be their interpretations. Is not it?

If that is so – if all the religions are talking or teaching or guiding us EXACTLY SAME THINGs, then why we followers have so much of difference in our opinion ? We should not have at all, I’d assume. Do we agree?

We think; we are getting better and WISER with passing time? Developments, Prosperity, Globalization, and technological advancements are all what we achieved. So, what was the need for the BOMBs? Why did we have to invent them? Started with Stones --> Sticks --> Knifes --> Swords --> Guns --> Tankers --> Missiles --> Bombs --> Atomic Bombs --> LOCAL BOMBS --> LAN Bombs --> WAN BOMBS WIFI BOMBS --> International Bombs --> AND may be a BOMB which can destroy whole world/universe in one go, should be their next aim/ambition? Technologically advanced we have become, How foolish!

We always have an alternative, IN ANY SITUATION IN LIFE. Don’t have to eat medicines, can manage eating just nutritious food. Don’t have to be bad, be good. Don’t have to be a taker, be a giver. Is there any alternative to the usage of weapons or bombs? YES – ONLY LOVE; IN ONE WORLD

One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do things you have always wanted. Paul Coelho says in his new book “Manuscript found in Accra “. So when we are in the dreamland, We definitely should DO what dreamers do? But when in lala-land, we definitely should NOT DO what Lalas do... right?

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