It’s all about WE THE PEOPLE!

Posted on April 22, 2013
Location: London
It’s all about WE THE PEOPLE!
I am easily convinced. Since the time I saw this factsheet about Banana, I have had SEVEN bananas ALREADY and still counting! I do like Bananas as well. Banana is my favorite fruit, second after mangoes. Good stuff. I do like those Kid-Bananas. They are very tasty.

Glued on to the TV all day; packed with sporting events. Manchester City Vs. Spurs, Chelsea Vs. Liverpool, IPL:Mumbai India vs. Delhi Daredevil & IPL:Pune Warrior Vs. Kings XI Punjab. All of them were pleasure to watch. Emotions apart; better team won in all four games except for the Chelsea match.

Kept thinking about it, all day – I am so desperate to see how the justice is going to be granted for the 5+ years old victim in New Delhi and so many others who suffered their dignity & confidence due to this barbarity. It better does not take too long as it normally taken in India due to our restricted constitutional acts. I wonder if I was the authority doing justice...! 

All hell broke loose, it seems, all in sudden! What is happening to the society, morality of the people? Well; still not late and GOVT is not always responsible for cleaning this. It’s all about WE THE PEOPLE. System never brought any changes, history is the proof – it was always WE PEOPLE AND it will always be WE PEOPLE…who are responsible for the change to our society, our well being, our safety & our security. We are the system, we are the society.

More; there will be distance between us, more; there will be jealousy between us, more; there will be differences between us – evil take over will be imminently!

I remember two years ago when riot broke out in different parts of the London –residents of Clapham Junction suburb, made themselves available TOGETHER to fight the evil and protect their neighborhood. Just look at the picture. Gandhi was an Indian, but his principles were followed in the United Kingdom, 62 years after his end. And the country where Gandhi’s principles were evolved, that is where it is deeply missed today – No?

May I wish a wonderful week ahead for all of us & take good care of yourself. Goodnight! :-)

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