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  • Today’s world runs after two things: For Tummy, Below the Tummy!

Today’s world runs after two things: For Tummy, Below the Tummy!

Posted on March 24, 2013
Location: London
Today’s world runs after two things: For Tummy, Below the Tummy!

Today’s world runs after two things, our friend from United States said. I shook my head, confused. That’s what his multilingual guide at the Sun temple, Konark told him, when he was visiting ODISHA (My home state in India) in December last year. And those two things are: “for tummy” and “below the tummy”. Cool. I get that. What’s a deep insight?

Chatting away deep into the evening; our American friend asked the other friend: How long have you been living in the UK? 10 years he said. And what you do? I am the project director at CITI Financials in London. Ohh really, wow! So do you think, you will go back to India one day? And my friend said: of course. He elaborated; you can say it is bit of comfort for me, bit of responsibility towards aging parents, bit of contribution to the society, over all a lot of excitement. Brought an appreciating smile to our American friend’s face. Amazed, that’s awesome he said. I see him saying the same, I hear you saying the same. I am so greatly inspired; by all you friends. I wish I had friends like you guys, he said.

And there is also a large proportion out there; which says – “Responsibility? Contribution? Excitement? What are those? Do I need them? Do I have time for those? I am so busy with my work. Time has changed. Everyone else is being practical today, so I am going to follow the same, I’ll be selfish, I’ll only think about myself. I don’t need to take any responsibility, I can’t offer any contribution and please keep your excitement with yourself because for me: money is excitement, success is excitement, large house is excitement, having few cars is excitement and having few spouses/partners is excitement and a big bank balance is excitement.

Here I am; sipping away my Arabic tea (Love them. It’s a secret) and smiling on the inconsistency. Indeed; “There are two kinds of people live in this world: “the Givers” and “the Takers”. The difference between the two is that the Takers eat well, and the Givers sleep well at night.” - Joy Mills

And we merged further into interesting discussions, good food, mutual appreciation and lots of laughter! When like minded friends call in; that calls for a celebration!

Goodnight my friends. Have a wonderful week ahead. And remember? Yes, that's right. You got that.

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