So why is that I prefer always Rafa over Djokovic?

Posted on September 10, 2013
Location: London
So why is that I prefer always Rafa over Djokovic?

As if finishing it through late last night was not enough; I came home desperately to watch again the 3 & ½ hours of physical battle. Battle of two titans, battle of two legends…Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Nothing puts me off more than an arrogant attitude. History produced many sporting legends, who were excellent in their field but fell short by poor communication and terrible attitude. But Novak is not like that. He is someone I really like. He is very polished, talks well, very down to earth, very considerate and respectful to this fellow opponents. And he is a great champion.

So why is that I prefer always Rafa over Djokovic? I don’t know the exact answer. May be it is simple. You can have many good friends but you can have one special friend. You can have many children, whom you love equally but you connect with one specially. Likewise; Rafa has always been special sporting figure for me, no matter he looses or wins. I will continue to support him till he plays.

I have so many friends in my circle who subscribe to Rafa fan club. Pradeep, Palak, Robert, James (from Australia)…congratulations guys! Rafa is now one short of Pete Sampras’s 14 Grand Slam titles and four short of Federrer’s 17 Grand Slam titles

They say: Success means different for different people…not always measured in financial terms. For some it is money, for some it is a high profile job, for some a steady peaceful life, for some it is a beautiful family, for some it is spiritual enlightenment. And for Rafa, as he answered to tricky Boris Becker, “Is to follow his passion and play tennis while he can, because he realizes that it will not last forever”.

Who expected a year ago for Rafa to come back and win another major title after his 9 months break from the sports due to knee injury? I didn’t. I thought it is end of Rafa. Funny enough; how I also relate those old saying to experiences in life. You can come out of any situation as long as you have self-belief. Rafa had plenty of those and he thanked all his friends, family and supporter who helped him to reinstate his self-belief after that deadly knee injury. Obviously; one has to find self-belief on his own, but with the help of friends & families, it gets easier and better. Do we have people in our life who boost our self belief? Think! If yes, lets not loose them, let’s keep them always in our side.

Until later….Good Night! Vamos RAFA!

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