Two hardest things to tackle in our life!

Posted on July 20, 2013
Location: London
Two hardest things to tackle in our life!

It must be a decade ago, I remember reading an article, where IT major Infosys's chairman; Narayan Murthy said at the Harvard University campus that: "You can only do so much alone. To make real progress in life, you have to be part of a team."

AND I think; you have to work for those you love and respect, and with those you can't relate to as well. You have to find a way to negotiate, compromise, accept. You may also have to learn how to do life's two most difficult things. These both involve forgiveness. The SECOND hardest thing is to forgive another person for something seemingly unforgivable. The FIRST hardest is to request that forgiveness for yourself! And he who can do these two things - nothing can come on his/her way to primacy...never!

Why not try; if you think I am talking rubbish?! Remember? It is the hardest thing to achieve..exactly how they say - YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL, IF YOU TELL TRUTH OR can ASK FORGIVENESS FOR has to be addiction....LAAT (Hindi of Addiction)...I mean! Laat se yaad aya:


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