Enrique Iglesias! Naam to Sunna hi hoga?

Posted on July 18, 2013
Location: London
Enrique Iglesias! Naam to Sunna hi hoga?

Enrique Iglesias! Naam to Sunna hi hoga? Does this name, ring the bell, hmm? Yeah; he sang the song… “I can be your hero baby…

in the first ever car I bought….NOT LIVE, through the music system in the car!

Never mind; I heard him saying today that it is ritual for him to start the stage show… with a short of Atlántico Rum! Really? I will sleep with that one shot! I do not like rums! Why Atlántico Rum only? May be they pay him to drink that, advertise that!

Do we realize? A majority of things…we do, we like, we eat, we wear – are because someone else does it, or a group of people do it & they appear cool doing it or they say it was cool doing the same! Do we really like to do it same way or differently? It is possible only when we have a moment to think, and we are in our present state of mind, not in the past and not in the future. Think about it!

Now; what message shall I pass on to Enrique Iglesias? Good for you – good luck, may be?

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