Our contribution to the MOTHER NATURE should be to REFILL!

Posted on April 7, 2013
Location: London
Our contribution to the MOTHER NATURE should be to REFILL!

Nature cleverly disguises her true intention and arranges for seeds to look wildly different from the plants; they might one day become. We are creatures of nature too. We have been designed to fit in with the world around us. How do you compare these to human equivalents? May be PLANTS = us human AND SEEDs = you know what I mean! (Vicky Donor TYPE THING)!

Many things in our life happen / need to happen naturally. We don't need to see the end from the beginning. We just need to give it all a little more time and prepare for a pleasant surprise.

It’s a long list, in essence – Mother Nature has made it sufficient enough (With food, water, air….and everything else) for us to continue to survive and it does not require any of our planning, help, effort, & support for that.

Ones for which we have to Plan, Participate and Perform (YOU NAME IT!), DID NOT COME from Mother Nature, rather we created them, as our EXCESS need, if we look at it from a materialistic perspective.

What should be our contribution back to the Mother Nature, making this a stainable cycle?

They say, you can have many partners (Husband, Wife, GF, BF etc) but you can have JUST ONE mother. Likewise, we can create many of those which can be innovated, planned and created by us (Cars, Houses, Aero planes, Bombs, Mobiles, Laptops, Computers…name it) – BUT ones which came free from Mother Nature (Water, Vegetation, Other Live species, Natural Resources, Environment, Air etc) are limited in reserve.

Therefore our contribution back to the MOTHER NATURE should be to REFILL, what we SPENT at least – General Courtesy, you know, as we were taught in our early life by our parents!

Friends - you have a fantastic day today. Play safe and if you step out, remember to wear your SMILE. PLEASE. It’s quite Bright and Warm out there. I shall connect with you all in the evening again...till then lots of XoXo!

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