The world will never come to an end!

Posted on September 6, 2013
Location: London
The world will never come to an end!

It is quite obvious; I don’t name people in my postings. It is simply to keep up the spirit of data protection act and privacy of others. My colleague (let me just reveal this much of his identity), says subjects such as Global warming and the world coming to an end etc; were discussed, even during his childhood. BTW, I think he is 30+ years elder to me. So, there was mention of Global warming 60+ years ago, people thought that the world will come to an end, even 60 years ago.

Who has seen/heard even before 60 years? There are no written scripts or evidences. Not sure about other religions but in Hindu religion, there was mention of four different eras and end of each era. What is the actual meaning of end-of-era? Did it mean, all living beings, lived in one era died, and a completely different set were reproduced? Ha ha, who produced these new bunches BTW, GOD? Or the universe itself was destroyed and recreated as it is…?

Never mind! One of those unanswered question for those who don’t want to receive an answer.

And for those who do want an answer - THE WORLD WILL NEVER COME TO AND END. FULL STOP. We are going to wake up, just before the deadline. We will wake up to save our world, save our earth, save us, and save everything that is good for us.

End of the world, at the end, will mean only one thing. End of capitalistic mind/materialistic thinking and the rising of conscious living. We will live but live consciously, NOT with the help of alcohol, cigarette, drugs, wealth, bombs, war, hate, jelousy….ohh forget it. You know it all – you know what I mean!

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