No gas is perfectly inert!

Posted on March 7, 2013
Location: London

It must have been a Chemistry theorem; from school days, which said “No gas is perfectly inert”. Remember? Bizarre thinking; crosses my mind! Bad dog-good dog! Bad friend-good friend, Bad teacher-good teacher, Bad parents-good parents, Bad food-good food, Bad mobile-good-mobile, Bad house-good house, Bad neighbour-good neighbour, Bad boss-good boss, Bad company-good company – list continues endlessly!

Secret is the same person can do something positive, or negative depending on the circumstances. We are humans; we can do the kindest of deeds and the worst of crimes. But hey – on the positive side, we grow every day with age, experience and companionship.

Important it is to keep ourselves in a positive space with positive people, which will eventually bring out the best in us. This definitely has been an experience for me and I am sure for all of us. When I look back; I find so many people who I can THANK for influencing my life with their positivity.

Even more important is; for how many others; we have been a positive force, or at all? Like the food-chain; the positivity chain must keep on.

Goodnight friends. Take Good Care! And a "Great day" tomorrow! Love the way Americans say this. I have always lauded this in appreciation. Some say, Americans are too formal, they just say it but don't mean it. DOES NOT MATTER. It sounds good, and feels good too. Hey?

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