it’s not DIVISION, rather the UNITY !

Posted on March 8, 2013
Location: London
it’s not DIVISION, rather the UNITY !

International Woman’s day! So also is my mother’s birthday today. So what is that in my mind today? Let me think…

I am amused. What a farce it has been today! News Channels, New channels, internet, adverts, social netwo...rking sites are full of only one topic and that is: “Women aren’t equal to men and but better”. Fine and I agree!

Still; why all these farce? Who is benefited out of this? This only spills poison in some peaceful mind and divided the society with another dimension; after race, color, religion, country and now it’s down to GENDER! Wow! Great-Going. At least someone who has a mother, sister, wife, grandmother, daughter, has to agree that woman are THE MOST IMPORTANT thread, without which life is just not complete. We all agree, right? Have to. Ohhh yes!

If we go by why this event was initiated at the first place – it was initiated for the celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women and to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements. For civilized societies; like in most of the developed countries, cities and western world – we are already doing this. Women are already liberated, independent and well respected. And in this case; today we take our woman out, have a good meal, glass of wine, some roses and that’s our contribution and celebration indeed.

However; there are parts in the world, where women are not treated equally, rather brutally! That’s what we need to fight together, aim to end. “WE” HERE ARE NOT MEN ALONE. But it should be: MEN, ALREADY LIBERATED WOMEN, MEDIA AND POLITICAL SYSTEM, of every country to do their part, in a small way to achieve this big task. We have issues but it is not a general issue. It exists in parts of the world, in parts of the society, in some culture – and that’s what needs addressing! Agree?

Same; like when we discuss India and Pakistan, we talk so bitterly – as if who are supposed to hate each other and kill each other INSTANTLY. But in my experience, that is not right. There is no problem at all between people of India and Pakistan. All problems are created with an agenda by either media or political systems of both the countries. The country was divided because of a small issue: whether a Hindu will be the first prime minister or a Muslim. Silly of a reason – and we are paying for it, until today.

I am a feminist because that’s about equality and that’s what I stand for. So friends – it’s not DIVISION, rather the UNITY – IS IN MY MIND TODAY & AlWAYS!

Let’s spill love, respect and equality. MEN and WOMEN – are two most intelligent species on the earth surface. They indeed need to love, dance, sing, respect, uplift each other and walk together. At least they can talk, sing & dance – animals can’t. So why not take advantage of what we have, for doing better things?

I wish you all beautiful people a wonderful evening and weekend with your better woman in life and if this helps - my signatory contribution as usual:

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