Difference between PASSION & AMBITION!

Posted on March 9, 2013
Location: London
Difference between PASSION & AMBITION!

How about I say, a sense of earnestness on my mind today?

That’s what it gave me. A solid 10 hours of lying on the bed and swinging of many emotions during. It was a book; “Revolution 2020 – Love Corruption & Ambition” – By Chetan Bhagat. Shall I say I am exhausted or invigorated or glorified? Combination of all may be. What a book, what a writer & what a teaching! He knows how to seize the pulse of his readers. Undoubtedly; one of the best in his field.

Brings the question back into my mind – what’s the difference between PASSION & AMBITION? And which one is better to follow! An IIM-IIT alumnus; a successful investment banker with a world class financial institution; who choose to quit everything to be a writer. How many can do that….follow their passion? Passion is indeed better to follow than Ambition; won’t you agree?

May you have heard some saying “I love doing nothing or my favourite hobby is to waste time”, have you? I always wondered how it would be like to achieve such thing. It feels today; I have achieved that state. Absolutely nothing I did today; except for completing this book .

I am hungry now. Fish curry is giving me that look – do you want to eat me or shall I go back to fridge again. No, No you wait – I will have a quick bath & be right back, I said. Fish curry appeared convinced. It will wait for me, I think...

Pillow cover needs changing. It is dripping with all that flow of emotions; during the course of book reading. Buoy, I am emotional!

But finally – I think I am happy that I read this book. I was ignoring it for long enough; thinking it would be similar to another book I read two years ago; by APJ KALAM…India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium. That was not right. It is on a completely different topic all together, a fiction rather.

I always think - People who have achieved fame in life (Actors, Writers, Celebrities etc) are kind of blessed and are GOD’s own children. Having said that – it brings more responsibility on their shoulder to influence society & make positive impact; through their own craft. And this is what CHETAN BHAGAT has tried doing through all his six books till date. I salute the man for his sincerity & social impact he brings!

Goodnight, shabbākhair & take care! I am very poor on signs! I would love to add a smiley here. But don’t know how to…I can check with someone tomorrow. — in London, England, United Kingdom.

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