I love everything which is beautiful!

Posted on May 4, 2013
Location: London
I love everything which is beautiful!

I love everything which is beautiful! Har haseen cheez ka main talabgar hoon, rakta phoolon ka geeton ka bhi maan hoon!

Was trying to order some seeds online, for the flowers I grew up with in my childhood. I used to set up the seeds and remember how spreads out these flowers were in my grandfather’s garden, and how very rare they are now.

Hibiscus (Mandara) of course was one of the most popular plants, the old red or white varieties as well as a few hybrids that existed then.

Ixoras (Penthi) were also a favourite. We used to pick the whole bunches, pull out the flower stamen and suck the nectar.

Jajpur is the place where my maternal grand-parents lived. I remember how streets used to smell so good, early in the morning, because there were so many flower trees everywhere. It was a routine job for people to go out pick flower early in the morning. Don’t see these anymore, neither the streets smell good as it used to.

No, not going insane at all. Yes – I wanted to create this album, which I can continue checking against the flowers, I plan to grow in my garden sooner. And the day, I will have them all in my garden, the project will be accomplished. You can refer this album as well, if you like flowers, plan to grow them. I don’t mind at all. I wont charge you either, I will be very happy rather. Cool?

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