And man of the moment, Frank Lampard.

Posted on May 11, 2013
Location: London
And man of the moment, Frank Lampard.

There goes the final whistle! Chelsea comes through with a 2-1 win. A huge three points for Chelsea. Chelsea is almost over the line for the Champions League place next year.

And man of the moment, Frank Lampard. His name will be written in bold and beautiful in the history of Chelsea club, being the highest goal scorer, all time, TWO HUNDRED AND THREE GOALS. Very deserving Crown, Frankie!

I am very very happy! I know there are better clubs and better players in Premier League, to show your emotions for. But for me; my interest in Premier League started with Chelsea and watching John Terry & Frank Lampard engage!

Few postings ago, I mentioned about perception. Perception was obvious today to see the reaction of Chelsea fans, when Frank Lampard reached his maiden feet of highest goal scorer of the club. Why were these fans ecstatic then for Lampard? Why were they showing emotion for a player? Because they obviously buy to the perception that Frank Lampard has been a legend for Chelsea, an honest participant, a life-time Chelsea devotee and a very likeable individual.

Friend of mine, a Tottenham Hotspur F.C supporter, was telling me few days ago how he hates John Terry and Frank Lampard. And he thinks they are racists! Perceptions vary with varied objectivity – agree? That’s the beauty of this theory. There is no ONE SINGLE perception on this planet. We should not try evening to subscribe to it, worry about it and trying to change it. Perception affecting our world is the perception we must care about. Any other thoughts on this?

News making rounds that this is the last season of Frank Lampard at Chelsea FC. Today being the last match of the season for Chelsea, what an emotional display has it been for him (2 goals, all credits to him)? You may excel wherever you go, Frankie. We love you and we will see your name and picture at Stamford Bridge every time, we pass by! You will be remembered & missed!

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