None of my friends support Chelsea but I do.

Posted on May 4, 2013
Location: London
None of my friends support Chelsea but I do.

After two days of disappointing football (Real Madrid & Barcelona - I do support spanish clubs), at last a joyful evening at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea sealed their place in Europa League finals to be held at Amsterdam on 15th May. Felt good to see off the blue boys to the final personally. Atmosphere was electric with Fernando Torres, David Luiz and Victor Moses scoring each to make us victorious

None of my friends support Chelsea but I do. I lived just a five minutes walking distance from Stamford Bridge for first two years of my living in the UK. It was my first introduction to Premier League, by watching Chelsea play. It was home team then & will always remain, where ever I stay in the UK or abroad.

Flying high, up in the sky,
We'll keep the blue flag flying high
From Stamford Bridge to Amsterdam
We'll keep the blue flag flying high...

ME: But that match appeared too easy for Chelsea to win
MYSELF: Does not matter, they are in the Europa League finals

ME: It would have been better, if they played a stronger team in the semi finals
MYSELF: Ohh, you will never be happy, no matter what you get.

ME: How cool will that be, if they were to play Bayer Munich in the finals
MYSELF: Appreciate what you got. They will never win against Bayer Munich

ME: What do you think will happen in the finals, will they win?
MYSELF: How do I know? Enjoy the present. Don’t think too much about future

ME: They are so uncertain; they didn’t even go to quarter finals in the champion’s league!
MYSELF: Didn’t they win Champions League last year beating Barcelona & Bayer Munich last year. Don’t think about past. Past is always painful.

ME: What about this year?
MYSELF: What about next year – God, give me a break!

ME: I am JUST concerned.
MYSELF: News! Remind me any time, you were not!

ME: But...
MYSELF: But But, what? I am not listening.

ME: Hey, listen…I have to ask you something…
MYSELF: I am going, going, now gone……..

ME: Hey mate...listen, listen, hello
MYSELF: Silence............

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