New Year Resolutions!

Posted on December 18, 2013
Location: London
New Year Resolutions!

All our life we keep trying to achieve something. We try not to miss a deadline, we try to prepare our self, we focus, we plan, we cut-down, we train, we save, we use all our time…all in support of achieving that something.

Do we really want our life to go through this extreme, rare & bumpy perimeter, all the time? Do we enjoy that? Or it is better to aspire for something which is safe, comfortable and pleasant?

Let’s say we achieve what we want at the end of the day. What exactly will it do to our state of mind and for how long? How about we set ourselves for something that we are really not bothered about? That way, we can stay cool, calm and avoid all those disappointments, in case the result turn out to be less than our expectation…no?

We all talk about New Year resolutions. Do we realize New Year is just around the corner? How about we set some realistic resolutions for ourselves to make our new year, a really HAPPY ONE, as we wish each other! And listen...please include a lots of SMILEs in your NEW YEAR resolutions, this time.


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