Let's be free from fear - Let's be fearless!

Posted on January 11, 2014
Location: London
Let's be free from fear - Let's be fearless!

I have seen; large organisations have a tendency not to be very well organised. Small organizations as well, have their own set up issues for being organized, no matter how tightly run; they all can't control all basis.

We from the outset often speculate the power of powerful groups. We think the powerful group are there to choose/decide/control/aim and we have no choice but to act and reflect as they wish. In reality, nobody controls anybody. Most of us obey the rules because we think we should, not because someone is making us to obey. Same as our believe systems in religions.

God, who we say, has merely forced any rules upon us. If we go deep into the subject the GODNESS involves some simple guidance, nothing else. GOD often questioned us who try; why do you want to imprison me in a temple when I have a beautiful house of my own or vast universe to flutter away with freedom?

In every path we cross, we always do have two options. ALWAYS! That is GODNESS, which is his greatness or his kindness or his holiness. That is the only truth, which is as simple; yet very difficult for us to assimilate. We must be thankful for having two options always.

God-fearing is what we have been and always aim to be. But what is the need? Who wants us to be GOD fearing? Do we prefer our children to be scared of us? Or we want them to love us/kiss us/hug us? If that’s what we want for us, why should it be different for the creator, who created us or believed to be living within every living creature in his creation? We are only expected to be GOD-LOVING; not GOD-FEARING! And GOD-LOVING is about seeing the GOD, within each & every creature, in his creation!

And when we are not GOD-FEARING – we do not need to afraid of anything else, otherwise, NOT EVEN those powerful groups I mentioned above. Because; our empowerment lies in being truly GOD-LOVING….following the guidance, which never changes…selecting the option, which is difficult yet RIGHT, lengthy yet worth. If this is ensured; we can do WHATEVER we want to do man, because this is weekend…and I am going to whatever I want to do man! We need to be free from fear, by being fearless and though loving GOD, being GOD-LOVING!!!  BUT; neither being GOD-LOVING nor being GOD-FEARING, can take away the consequences of our wrong choices. GOD has not promised this/assured this ever in any religion or in any holy-book. We need to come out of this false hope.  We need to accept the consequences of our bad choices as warmly as the outcome of a good one. 

2014 has so far been very kind to me because my doctor said this morning that he does not want to see me for 3-5 years next…but who wants to see him anyway. NO NO; I do love to see him. He is a dear friend. I think he is one of the best I have seen in my life. There also lies a secret; not to be scared of the doctor but to smile at them, love them and in turn…. you know what I mean….DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO MAN!

I used to like the singer MOBY a lot. His music is absolutely spot on with my taste. I like that kind of songs. Some think I am a bore, but hey I am honest…it gives a karmic/yogic kind of effect to my mind. Have you heard this song? Try it on, when you go to bed tonight. And wait…I wish you all have a very very SUNNY Saturday tomorrow. Keep well…take very good care and don’t forget to wear your SMILE on this SUNNY Saturday. Subh-ratri. Sabah Al-Khair. Good-night!!!


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