Homosexuality - illegal in India?

Posted on December 16, 2013
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Homosexuality - illegal in India?

Our freedom, and the way we coexist in spite of having varied differences from religions, genders, states, languages, borders, caste systems etc, is what makes our country special. If we factor, that we are dealing with 1 billion PLUS population here, that makes it even more special.

Our country can produce so much of difference yet we have kept our prejudices mostly to ourselves and loved others equally in the society. No doubt there were discrimination but in most cases we choose not to be open about it and dealt with it silently. These are signs of progress, respect for our democratic values and by maintaining that, one would assume that the discrimination in our system were getting lesser and lesser. Really?

This recent Supreme Court ruling that states homosexuals to be criminals in the eyes of law unless decided otherwise by the parliament.

A few years back marriage, bearing children, maintaining a family as per a set of ethical/social rules, were all sounded appropriate and respectfully followed as well. Now in this much globalized/capitalistic era, we are emphasizing on: having freedom, having choices, not having rules to follow, not bearing children at all, expecting marriage without procreation or even live-in without a marriage. Which one is right, which one is wrong? – There is no single answer. One which works for us; is what is good for us. We have managed to regularize necessary law as well to allow such freedom. If that is the case, why freedom should not be granted to people who choose to love the same gender. If being with that person makes them happy, why bring in biology into it?  

Morality and procreation aside, we need to understand what is that the Supreme Court trying to achieve by labelling a person unnatural for this? If gay sex/marriage is unnatural, then there are so many other types of sex/relationships, which should be deemed unnatural as well. Has this been done? Have we estimated how much contradictions this new law is going to cast on related issues? It is practically not possible to define and control these sorts of extream personal matters. People who go against the rules of society fights a hard battle as it is. If the law of the state doesn’t stand by them, will they survive?

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