Honesty Does not Require Luck to Survive!

Posted on May 17, 2016
Location: London
Honesty Does not Require Luck to Survive!

Lack of uprightness is spreading like an epidemic now, in all directions, covering the entirety.  Unethical behaviour by companies, such as releasing pollutants into the air, is affecting cities, towns, waterways and masses of people. Release of harmful toxins into the environment due to lax safety standards, improper maintenance of equipment or other preventable reasons is unethical. If a business willingly continues production of a product knowing inherent environmental risks exist, it can certainly be categorized as unethical behaviour.

We hear, when countries do not agree, they attack one another, accusing the less powerful one for some weird thingss without any solid proof. When political leaders fear of loosing election battle, they accuse their opposition for supporting terrorism. It feels as if, the word terrorism appears to have been invented for this purpose only, so that the powerful and fearful can persecute the less powerful easily just by suspecting or tactically. Such is the case everywhere...

Some Sales professionals don’t need to know the subject matter to perform their job. All they need is a fully loaded credit card to take their customers to the best restaurants or expensive pubs in the town. And for large organizations; deals are dealt in the golf courses. A very famous sales person mentioned, he even signed some deals in the spa retreats. Venues are carefully chosen where only few words can be exchanged, gone are those days of long presentation, day long negotiation and further clarifications. How will small organizations survive, without loaded credit cards and a charitable sales person to spend money on clients to seal the deal?

Some recruitment agencies can’t stand each other. They can go to any extent to sabotage each other’s chances of success. They can bad mouth, they can spread rumours, they can falsify the certificate/references – making sure only the dirtiest is the winner.

In developing nations, nothing can move without us participating in corruption. Corruption has spread to the root level in some of those countries, for example to book a train ticket, admission to schools/colleges/universities and also to find employment. Money speaks above all and corruption creates huge amount of black money for wrong people, with wrong intensions.

Bending the rules in a business situation or personal situation is often the result of a psychological stimulus. If an employee is asked to perform an unethical task by a supervisor or manager, he may do it because his allegiance to authority is greater than his need to abide by the rules. Withholding information that can change an outcome also falls under the umbrella of unethical behaviour.

We are living in a world, full of information. It is at least doing well to some of us. We are able to know our rights & responsibilities at the same time. Less privileged people, poor people in the rural area & girls in the developing countries suffered severely until now; without knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. With it available now, they appear perfectly capable to challenge the part of the society, which forced them to stay where they were, for so long.   But they should challenge, only where there is a need, not just to come to limelight artificially.   There are plenty of anti-socials creating issues out of nothing for their own benefit; they want to be some sort of social-leaders by saying/writing few things about feminism. They ultimately are trying to get into politics, five years down the line. Politics has become such a profession in the recent past, where one  can visibly make lot of money without doing any hard work or applying brains. There are men who work for women’s right all their life. Feminism is not biological; it is an ideology. Anyone can support this. Those who say/think otherwise, have other selfish intensions indeed.

Previously people used to go to court to find justice, in search of the truth and these days we see people go to the court to turn something false to true artificially. A innocent person is labelled as criminal, a normal person is declared as mentally instable, a teetotaller is framed as a drunkard and peace-loving person is punished for causing violence.

Someone explained that when he was doing well at work, his rivalry group ganged up and left an anonymous paper at his boss’s desk accusing him to be involved in corruption. Boss should have thought why there was anonymous paper at all, not proper evidence which led to some matured discussion? And does that anonymous paper allow him to take any action against the accused?

Do we know if everything I mentioned above are true? Do I know? Nope. We only heard about them - we have never validated them.  Such is the case with millions of romours spread on a daily basis by some lazy people, who don't want to compete with honesty.  People who spread romours (or even participate in it) are generally weaker mentally. They are scared, fearful, incompetent, less confident and jealous - thats why they indulge in rumours.  Who cares what the rumour has it, as long as we are convinced with the truth? Its only the dishonest people, who are worried about the consequences. Honest people don't need to, because they can live under any situation and any circumstances. Honent people must carry on doing, what they have to do. Dishonest people want money to accumulate wealth and show-off. Honest people need money for their needs, just to survive...that is enough for them.

There are other kinds of economies than capitalist or communist ones. There are communities who have very little "material" wealth (only food, clothes, basic shelter, and a few simple tools) but they tend to work only about 15 or so hours per week, and also are generally happier and healthier than people in modern economies.  They also have a lot less war.  So, modern economies might depend on greed, but that doesn't mean modern economies are good for people in the long run (and arguably, they're very bad for the environment, and thus a threat to human survival).  Greed is ultimately very bad for humanity.

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think its fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.

Right; what is the cause? IMBALANCE, IT IS. Large Population, growing population creates more demand and interrupts the current balance of Demand & Supply.

And what is the solution? Can this ever be corrected, when population growth can not be reversed? Well; Sir Isaac Newton was a very wise man. He said “For  every action , there is an equal and opposite reaction ”. Imagine how many are feeling the pain from corruption, trait, and dishonesty on a daily basis. It also means; They all are sending out clear signals with their need for a world full of honesty, commitment and decency. There is a whole new market evolving in the backdrop for honesty, friendhsip and human relationships; where there is no competition.  When we are unethical, we have competitions to compete with. And when we are ethical, we are competition-free and full of success. Which one is more alluring? Competition or No-Competition?

Paap se dharti phati, adharm se aasmaan, atyachaar se kaanpi insaaniyat, raj kar rahe haivaan ... jinki hogi taqat apoorv, jinka hoga nishana abhed, joh karenge inka sarvanaash ... woh kehlayenge Baazigaar? Nah… Shehenshah? Nah… Karamveer? Chalo – that is just YOUR NAME (Fill it and say it loudly). Are you the one ? laugh Socho/think if everyone pronounced their name loudly as the keeper of the honesty and uprightness!!! Just imagine laugh

With that thought; I wish you all goodnight, SubhRatri and Sabah-Khair!!! 

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