Get up my buoy…its time to go…its SHOW TIME!

Posted on July 14, 2013
Location: London
Get up my buoy…its time to go…its SHOW TIME!

I found myself looking deeply into the trees, flowers, nature today…I had looked at these many times before, but this time they were different. The usual perception has not changes much, except that their colour appeared more vibrant and brighter. CAN YOU SEE? There are new added dimensions to them…it is hard to explain. I don’t know how, but I was aware of something invisible, that I felt was the essence of this difference, in the trees, in the flowers, in their spirit, if you like. And somehow I was part of all of them…after a long time. I realized now…I had not really seen these trees and flowers…just passed through and carried a dead and flat image of them. When I look at these trees and flowers today…some of that memory and awareness comeback of a little boy, jumping, running, holding the hands of his grandfather…asking many questions and getting all POSITIVE ANWERS ONLY!

Friend is in the hospital bed..underwent a major ops few days ago. Had to see him before 9pm before the visiting hour finishes. But today – I didn’t want to be punctual, I COULD NOT INFACT. I waited until the sun went down. Could not wake up from the bench of the garden…kept sleeping, kept singing and just been in the moment, as never before. May this be a beginning of new something? I wish…NO NO…I Hope…NO NO….IT IS…IT IS…My beloved GRAND-FATHER was smiling from the heaven…he was saying to me…you got it right my buoy…get up…its time to go…its SHOW TIME!

Don't worry; Still managed to see my friend after visiting hours of the hospital. Thanks to the shine on my face today…nurses were very kind!. If I commit once, then I don't listen to myself even...GOOD NIGHT ALL. And guess what it is your smile...which makes all the difference to you and other people's life!

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