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Edgbaston - The Epic Battle - Champions Trophy Cricket 2013

Posted on June 16, 2013
Location: London
Edgbaston - The Epic Battle - Champions Trophy Cricket 2013

Cricket has a long association with the subcontinent and when there is a match held between India & Pakistan, it becomes a classic by nature. We travelled from London to Birmingham to watch this, someone travelled from Washington DC to witness this and another travelled from Dubai to be part of this. Where else, you get to see this kind of madness? This alone makes the event appear like the final match of the tournament.

Friend of mine was kind enough to offer me a ticket as he felt, I was studying too hard and he wanted to treat me with this event. Thank you Hemant. What a way to bring down, three months of hard work!

Rain interrupted the match, few times in between but there was no interruption to the energy of the people, went there to watch this match live. This was very first time for me to watch a live cricket match between India and Pakistan. I always wanted to, and finally it happened. Atmosphere was absolute electric with non-stop chanting, taunting, whistling, throwing and what not! That’s what makes it special, not the match alone.

Important stats:

India and Pakistan have met 124 times in the past out of which India won 49, Pakistan 71, and four no-results. India won all four encounters against Pakistan in World Cup matches since 1992, while Pakistan has 2-0 win-loss record against India in Champions Trophy. They share 5-5 record in the last 10 meetings (ODI).

India goes to semi-finals without loosing a match in the tournament so far and Pakistan is out of the tournament. Am I happy? No really! Wish it was finals between India and Pakistan.

Wonder why so much of fuss for a cricket match between India and Pakistan? We are still one race by blood, only separated 60 years ago due to stupid politics. Before that; it was all one country, where residents spoke same language, had same food habits, and participated for various customaries together. If, YES IF, I was the deciding authority – I will make these two countries one again. And when it happens – it will be the most progressive country in the world. JUST IMAGINE. History has witnessed, what all other countries have achieved by dividing India and Pakistan and what we have lost individually. Have you seen a single Indian calling Pakistanis as PAKI? Not really? Honestly, do we really hate Pakistanis? Not me, and can’t imagine anyone without an agenda does. Wonder if, Pakistanis have similar fondness for us as well? Never mind – hope they do.

Other good friend suggested – if you are going to Birmingham, you must try out at “Sher Khan”, a Pakistani restaurant. They make the best meat, Kebab dishes in whole of the UK. Really I asked? To which he replied saying – if I didn’t like any dish I order from this restaurant, he will refund me the money. How often we get this kind of offer – didn’t miss out. And indeed, I had experienced best Lamb chops of my life in the restaurant last night. Simply great! Juicy, Spicy and Colorful. Plenty in number and very well trained staffs were available to serve as well, which is always a PLUS point. I always had great experience with Pakistani food, especially the meat dishes.

You take care my friends – hope you all had great weekend and PLEASE KEEP SMILING.

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