Snowdonia @ Wales - God's own country!

Posted on January 22, 2014
Location: London
Snowdonia @ Wales - God's own country!

What is that we do, when we like something? We indulge. We indulge enough, so that we don’t get the push for doing it again, which we can not control.   That was probably his reason to pursue this long drive (six hours long from London), time and again. Any guests came from India, any friends visited him from abroad, any opportunity he gets with friends from London or any excuse he got literary, he drove to this place.   When I mentioned that I need a small break after writing my exams; that was his answer…let me drive you there…to SNOWDONIA…     the biggest mountain ranges in Northern Wales, standing tall at 3,560ft,   which can be travelled by foot or train…there’s also a long coastline of sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and glorious estuaries, which along the Llŷn Peninsula is a protected   ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

We stayed at this gorgeous sea-facing holiday home, right in the middle of the city centre. The accommodation was excellent and the location and views are truly breathtaking. The surrounding area was great and there are lots of varied and interesting things to do whatever the weather was.

Based on Victorian engineering Snowdon Mountain Railway is the only public rack and pinion railway in the United Kingdom/Wales   and a true majestic mountain adventure. As the train climbs through the atmospheric landscape of Snowdon passengers can absorb themselves in the rich myth, legend and history Snowdonia has to offer.

If I said; Northern Ireland   took us back on a reflective trip, to a life-style our ancestors may have lived 50 years ago;   Snowdonia took us back even further, to a life-style/environment people may have lived 100 years ago.   There were lonesome houses found in every couple of miles, there were animals grazing without any supervision…there were many streams of the water from individual mountains…that’s what contributing to the sound of silence and beauty of the striking scenery!

Many health care researchers and practitioners say that ecotherapy (also known as green therapy or nature therapy); can have regenerative powers, improving mood and easing anxiety, stress, and depression.   Certainly Snowdonia is capable of doing this to anyone!!!   What is in offer  for those, who do not suffer from stress, and depression ?   Well; I think it has to be renaissance, indulgence with the nature & lots of memories for future. Great food as well; which tastes pure as it can be…as it used to be 100 years ago!!!

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