We try to hide, try to disguise…everyday!

Posted on September 6, 2013
Location: London
We try to hide, try to disguise…everyday!

Dolce Gobbana, Boss, Ralph Lauren, High heels, suits, boots, make up, hair dressing, imported car, houses after house….! These are all utilized to hide, to disguise. If we dress up certain way, its going make a certain statement, make a certain impression on others about us. Essentially; it is like those fancy dress competition, we used to participate in our school days…remember?...where we used to dress up, to hide our real self, appear something else. No body can see us, recognize us. What all will see; is what we have come to portray with those beautiful fashion liners. No?

Beautiful are those, who are beautiful in heart and beautiful in mind. Beautiful are those, who don’t feel the desperate need of additions to make them beautiful. Beautiful are those who are already beautiful. They don’t feel the need of doing something to make them beautiful. Beautiful are those, who inspire others with what they have in real, not with borrowed mask. Beautiful are those, who smile and make a lasting day for everyone passing by. Beautiful are those, who touch just once and others crave for the same life long. That is what is the definition of angles!

Hee hee, nothing serious. I am not going to say whether that is good or bad. Just wanted us to recognize and appreciate this fact! So? Goooooooooooooooood night!

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