We have to continue to create WONDERFUL experience!

Posted on September 7, 2013
Location: London
We have to continue to create WONDERFUL experience!

It was been an incredible last two months, since the end of my accounting exams in June this year. 8 weeks of hard-core Golf, Meditation, Yoga, travel, sight seeing, completion of 5 books (4 fictions and one technical), movies, food, social-friends-families, photography, tennis, lots of short-term courses on various worldly wise things. I am happy with all that experience, amazing!

Time flies and it is time again to get busy for sometime, until the end of the year, to do some work, to learn more and to create more. I’ll not be as available/active as in last two months. But hey, I am always a PING away, you know! 

So friends; take good care of yourself, look after yourself, smile often and remember we are all beautiful, complete, successful & happy; as we are. We have to continue to create WONDERFUL experience for us and others. Lastly it is important to value some "rest", as much as we value "work" for us. Thank you everyone; who all kindly participate in my life and make my experience a wonderful one! Goodnight!

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