We get back, what we give out.

Posted on April 22, 2013
Location: London
We get back, what we give out.

We get back, what we give out. If we are generous/kind to others, others are generous/kind to us. May seem obvious but generosity may not be shown towards us by the very same people towards whom we were kind-generous. It may be other individuals entirely who return the favour on their behalf. It is as if, through good deeds we earn ourselves some kind of invisible investment bonds/tickets, which matures at a later date. The only people, who can see it, are those who are similarly inclined to be kind. It’s not waste at all.

It’s an investment, all I wanted to convey!

Manchester United wins the English Premier League title. Congratulations to all the supporters. And for me, another year of waiting to see my fav club winning the title. Oops those intense emotions

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