Vividh Bharati (Indian Radio Station)!

Posted on April 6, 2013
Location: London
Vividh Bharati (Indian Radio Station)!

While playing up with YouTube today, I discovered this amazing tune of Vividh Bharati (Radio Station), which I used to wake up to; every morning, for all of my childhood; with its "Vande Mataram" at 6.00am. Radio was such an integral part of daily routine then. It was imbued into my life by my late Grand-father.

I still remember the morning news; announced by a thick feminine voice as 'Yeh Aakaashwaani hai' followed by rhythmic beats of percussion. It was end of "Sangeet-Sarita" program, which reminded that it’s time to go to school and I ran. Grand-mother us served dinner, as the program "Fauji bhaaiyon keliye - Jaimala" ended and so on.

And in fleeting memories of my childhood I remember listening to 'Cibaca Geetmala' at night with Ameen Sayani. It plays in my ears, as i write this...With droopy eyes and dimly lit room, I used to lie down on my bed with radio by my side. At 10.00pm it used to start with "Aap ki farmaaish", FOLLOWED BY "Chaayageet" at 10.30pm, at the end of which I sailed off to the dreamland, without much of an effort.

Vande mataram:






Fauji bhaaiyon keliye "Jaimala":




Cibaca Geetmala:


Aap ki farmaaish:


Hawa Mahal:


It made me inexplicably gloomy and i apologize for getting carried away. I shall now return back to bed. Night Night Wish you all carry a very smart look tomorrow! Just like that! Good to dress up. I feel something very special about tomorrow. And you?

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