The GOD only facilitates options….!

Posted on September 3, 2013
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The GOD only facilitates options….!

That’s should be a year since when it started. My reminder goes off at 20:00PM everyday! Because it is time to switch on the TV, time to get wiser, time to get calmer, time to get answers of some of the question, which most of us have been dwelling since our childhood? It is time to watch “Devon Ka Dev Mahadev”, is a mythological tele series based on the legends of Shiva, also known as Mahadev, telecasted on Indian channel “Life is OK”.

When we don’t know something, we guess and when we really want to know, we assume and we know little, we make judgements. Neither of them is good and the solution is: to know, what else? At least attempt to know. Right? So many things I was unaware about Mahadev and his related subject such as; I always thought Mahadev had only two sons (Ganesh and Karthikeya). I didn’t know Mahadev had a daughter named “Ashok Sundari”. God Hanuman & two demons (Jalandhar & Andhak) were also Mahadev’s parts as well.

Mahadev was trikaldarshi (he could see past, present and future). He was extremely worried that demon Andhak was going to destroy the world. That’s when Devarshi Narad asked him – “Mahadev, you are the most powerful GOD, you can get rid of Andhak, whenever you want. So why don’t you do that now, kill Andhak, when he is child? Why are you waiting for him to grow up and destroy the world, before you kill him?”.

Mahadev’s answer to this question is just priceless. He says: “If I kill Andhak now, they it will be killing. And GOD does not kill; GOD only saves the ATMA (soul). Life of any form always has many options to choose from, during the course of life. And selection of those options, provide direction to life. And I will move a step closer to save Andhak’s soul, when he moves one stop forward to destroy it...”.

Now that answers my question for very long time, which was – “If GOD really exists, why we have GOOD and BAD in this world, why don’t we have GOOD only? Why do get volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis? Why does not GOD save us from these?” Essentially; GOD only facilitates options. And selection is always in our control. Our selection, gives direction to our life and to this whole existence! No?

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