Team work!

Posted on February 8, 2014
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Team work!

Band   is a group of musicians that works together to perform music. There are many articles concern types of musical bands, such as: All-female band, Big band, Boy band, Christian band, Church band, Concert band, Cover band, Dansband, Fife and drum, Garage rock band, Girl group, Family band, Jam band, Jazz band, Jug band, Klezmer band, Marching band, Military band, Orchestra, Organ trio, Rock band, Rock Supergroup, School band, Ska band, Tribute act & Worship band.

When they start a band, they perform at the restaurants, at the public places and slowly they find their way to the stardom, where they become like one of these: The Beatles, The Rolling Stone, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, U2, Pink Floyd, The Who, Norvana, Queen etc

It isn't easy to dance to the sound of a single instrument. In order to get our toes tapping, we need to feel the lively concoction of bass, drum, a guitar and even the singing of the singer. Differentiation comes from innovation and innovation comes from sharp and smart minds. That’s why they form a band, perhaps. Chairman Emeritus of Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy started once, that success of a venture depends on the ability of the team to make it successful. Therefore it is important to have a team, where everyone within the team understands other, and they coordinate, complement & collaborate (C3) well; to achieve a common goal.

Like every combination of musical instrument; does not get our toes tapping; similarly every business partnership is not successful. How do we know which one will be successful? Not until we try one. We need to try different partnerships at least to know whether it will be successful. But until we are sure that the partnership will continue to be successful, we need to keep our stakes low. And after that? DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO MAN!

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