Solution is in the UNITY

Posted on July 28, 2013
Location: London
Solution is in the UNITY

Stunning! No? I think so! So why is it OUT-OF-FASHION? I think, these bring out the true concoction of Indian beauty, culture, intelligence, personality & divergence in such a way, as none other. Indian ethic wear, Definition of India, Statement of Indian Beauty!

So, why it is out of Fashion? Name of the Game is Dysfunction. Almost everyone is suffering from this in varying degrees, mentally. The moment we realize this, there can be no more differences.

The Goddess or Divine Mother has two aspects: She gives life, and she takes life. When mind takes over and human lost touch with their divine essence, we start to think of God, as a male figure. Society becomes male dominate and female becomes subordinate to male. There are religions which have no female gods or goddesses; still religion is perfectly respectful to the woman. And there are religions, which has many females gods where, followers are not respectful to woman. Why is that? In some of the countries, Woman punished brutally by the authorities for watching an English movie and for simply shopping in a mall – and in the some western countries, WOMAN has perfect freedom to do all they want, WHETHER sensible or insensible! That creates dysfunction! The difference between our body and mind. Dysfunction in the minds & tastes of man/woman between two parts of the same earth, land, country, continent!!! As we trade across the border (more in the recent time), this dysfunction becomes more and more prominent. A decade or century ago, countries were essentially cut-off from each other, hence there was no dysfunction, NIL to that matter! We had scope to play with, all we had, all we knew! Now we are global citizens, we travel across the border, we instantly know news about different parts of the world, so easily – GOOGLE, News, internets, Media, TV, you name it! So dysfunction in our mind, dysfunction in our body – caused through the choices available (very dynamic, always changes) and fundamental needs (which never changes)!

Where is the solution? Solution is in the UNITY---- in thinking that MAN and WOMAN, two most intelligent species of God’s creation are never separate. Did God make them separate apart from appearance? Is it mentioned anywhere in the holy books? Who made them separate them then? I’ll let you think…I always tell this to my mother…to believe GOD, not GOD-INTERPRETATORS! There are so many adverts in the television to sell VITAMINS these days for perfect health. We buy them too. But FACT remains the same since the days of ADAM and EVE! “An apple a day, keeps DOCTOR away”. The most amount of vitamins we get from fresh fruits and vegetables (even today!), not from the advertised pills!

Yes I was saying – where is the solution. SIMPLE! Compassion! The only appropriate response to this; is compassion. And compassion is going to unite us all together because we all are going through this, at the same time, together. Does not have to be separate schools, colleges, Woman rights, Quotas in the job sectors. I laugh! These are created by and for own benefits of GOD-INTERPRETATORS, Politicians. It does not benefit either MAN or WOMAN. At the end of the day, MAN-WOMAN are ONE and inseparable. If Woman can not be happy, how can man be happy, if they have to live together? If Man is not happy, how can woman be happy, if they are to stay together? COMPASSION, in mind, in body, in soul and ALWAYS! Let’s keep it tight!

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