Social Impact Analysis before a Product Launch!

Posted on March 27, 2013
Location: London
Social Impact Analysis before a Product Launch!

“Social Impact Analysis before a Product Launch” was the topic, they were teaching in the Accounting class today. And the teacher was able to pick the example of Mobile phone as a product and its social impact.

Mobile phones aid to a faster life style. They do. What if we didn’t carry a mobile with us, everyone will wait till we reached work, home, school, colleague before telling us a thing, asking us to do a thing or even passing on some information,which may not be all that important, which could wait till we reached our destination.

In addition, a research carried out shows that the mobile phone device can be dangerous to our health and can cause brain tumours or cancer although evidence on this is still not clear. Since mobile phones operate using magnetic fields, studies indicate that in some circumstances, the magnetic fields can affect living cells. Those who spends too long period of time talking on phone can be fatigued or develop headaches & can damage sperms. Again, the mobile phone is known to be one of the number cases of road accidents, aeroplane accidents. Some drivers pick up their phones whiles driving putting their own lives and that of other passengers in danger.

Apparently; Einstein said once; even SRK repeated in the movie “My name is KHAN”; – honey-bees die due to the electro-magnetic radiations from mobile phone device. And science says it will take only three years for the human race to be extinct from the earth surface, from the day honey-bees are died out completely. Some scientific connection, I suppose.

That made me think: It’s taken three billion years for us to evolve to our present state, but it is only in the last hundred years that our technology has exploded to its present level. And it is in the last hundred years only, the whole ecosystem is completely imbalanced with booming issues such as Water scarcity, Global Warming, Global Freezing, Draught, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and what not. I don’t think these are totally natural.

If History ever gets the chance to look back on those years and see them in true perspective, what do we think significant factors in last 100 years? Bombs of various kinds? Man on the moon? Mobile? Computer? Internet? I am sure we’ll all keep counting…

Or do we think the most significant factors would be that, in less then 100 years, the human race invented a number of ways to destroy what it took three billion years to create? Even though the vast majority of us are fully aware of the dangers, so far we have failed to eliminate even one of them.

Yes we have found cure to serious illnesses like Cancer or Diabetes – but if we study carefully, we didn’t have Cancer or Diabetics with this number or regularity, a century ago. We are the cause. We have created these issues and now we spend whole life solving these issues. So are we really making progress? Yes as developed nations, we have now developed technology which can detect any nuclear attacks/threats in advance. Well done – Bravo! But why did we develop the nuclear bomb at the first place, which we spend time now detecting of its threat? I don’t get it – do you?

Good information BC – what shall we do with it? May be let’s grasp it for now and differentiate between what we want and what we really need - at some other time.

Today’s accounting class ended with with a topic “Sustainability” in environmental perspective, which has a beautiful definition “the ability to meet today’s needs without sacrificing those of future generations”. That’s exactly we need to watch out and that’s exactly we should do.

Let’s not try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night. Tomorrow is another day. I go back to my studies now. You guys have a really good night and take really good care of yourself. XoXo!

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