Rumour has it! :)

Posted on June 25, 2016
Location: London
Rumour has it! :)

What do we think? Time passes quickly or it does not? I think it passes too quickly. If we feel it does not; then there is something wrong at our end. We are not utilizing it properly. So many things to do…so many places to see… so many to say thank you…and what not! In life, we really don’t get second chances. And therefore we try to be prudent all the time. So much so that we delay making a decision; because we think we have a good idea what the outcome will be. Yes we think so only!!! And therefore we choose not to deal with it or deal with it later. We try to escape from uncertainty. Sometimes a bad decision causes discomfort. Discomforts last a little while for some and for others it hangs around for really long time. We hope time would heal everything. Everything includes matters, which we are confident that they can never be healed. It depends how we want to deal with the discomfort. Sometimes we allow it for little while & other times we hug it for really long time. Then one fine day; we suddenly wake up & clean it all. We succeed. We are happy again. Life moves on.  Growing population and Illiteracy are the only two issues; we need to pay attention right now and fix them. Everything else (Corruption, Terrorism, Global Warming, Scarcity etc etc) are all by-products.  

Newspapers revealed; The British people are frantically googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it!!! Why? Why didn’t we do the same before voting for the E.U. referendum? Apparently we want a second referendum now. Easy! We assume; it’s a piece of cake to have a second referendum. If so; why don’t we bring petitions like this against war decisions, to disclose information on corruption, to bring justice to them, who need it? We should have the power. It is democracy; as we like to believe. Referendum on its own has no value. Govt takes the final decision. But government is in a difficult position to go against the verdict of the people.   So; No it is not a piece of cake. That’s what an uninformed decision brings back; duality in mind. Therefore our decisions must always be well informed and thought-through. Someone was asking me today “Do you know the biggest scam in the history?”. No; I don’t know anything about it. Tell me, tell me everything about it; I said. He explained, “It is the USA & Germany who have scripted and executed the BREXIT, so that they can be benefited from the FOREX turbulence”. Another one passing by suggested, “I think in four years time, there will not be any Pound at all. It’ll be gone forever. There will be only EURO”. Weird stories, Weird Logic. There are more stories like this. We shall not waste more time on this . Just imagine; if the results were opposite there would still be plenty of stories like this…on a different context…from a different angle. It really does not take much to make stories. Stories suggest; Amitabh Bachhan had an affair with Aishwarya Rai Bachhan; his daughter like, only daughter-in-law. Ask Google if you didn’t believe. Apparently; Mahatma Gandhi had affairs with two of his attendants Manu & Abha. And rumours has it that God Krishna had 10,000 (or 10 millions) lovers. There are similar stories about Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Naveen Patnaik, Narendra Modi and about everyone of us. But there is a common trick here…more famous you are…there is more stories around you. They make stories for fun; to bring drama into the context; to counter attack; to hide own mistake and blame others for it; out of jealousy or to make them look superior. Seldom we create any rumour against a poor person or around insubstancial matter. Have you heard? Very rarely. Never mind! Only weak minds indulge in rumours & us  the strong minds only deal with that, what our eyes see. Still there is a trick - trick to differenciate a rumour from something true. Shall I tell you ? Ask 5 questions/cross-questions related to a rumour to the person who passes the rumours to you, whatch straight into his/her eyes, hear him/her through your heart.  Answer will be before you...Easy Peasy. Always works. Understand the rumour chains are usually very long but we don't need to go to the bottom of it...we don't have time for that. we only want it to STOP growing beyond us. That will bring defeat to the weak-minded & their purpose.

Is it possible to speak everything that comes into our mind? Nope. Not possible. Yes, that’s right. It is not possible. Why? Because it brings stories like those above, brings fear to the forefront, bring jealousy to the forefront, it brings everything to the forefront which have nothing to do with the spirit of life. It brings quite a lot of confusion. But. Ruko (Stop). It is possible…rather recommended to speak everything that comes from our heart. No feekar…hoke befeekar. Because that; will make the world a better place by living from our heart; not from my mind.

I do remember a time…I was walking alone in the hospital campus late in the evening, when my mother was in the operation theatre. I asked myself the question “Why I can’t feel my steps…?”. Since then I feel every step I take, mind does not bother me at all. Mind has accepted the defeat and heart ruled thereafter. I take steps from my heart. Many facets of our life, which are still ruled by our mind. Mind does not know. That’s why it brings many WHAT-Ifs. Heart, instead knows…hence there is no doubt ever remains with decision made from our heart.

We often correlate heart with Love. Does not have to be a romantic relationship always to explain the important of heart in our lives. But love indeed; is the epitome of hearts and heart is the essence of love. Those decisions we take from heart; WHAT-IF never comes into mind. First sign of it coming from the heart, rather than from the mind. And secondly; any decisions taken from heart; seldom goes wrong.  Love is living through the frugal times. Like with facebook we don’t make friends, we add them. Similarly with love; we have to compromise these days; we have to change ourselves to be suitable for the role. CUT CUT CUT . Signs of MIND ruling. When HEART rules…there is no change…there is no compromise…we just slip into a comfortable pair of pyjama…that how it feels. We don’t need to speak, discuss, argue, compromise…deals are done through the eye…eye only. Love, Relationship, Marriages are not any ritual to follow. They are celebration. Celebration for the union of hearts… HEART = TRUTHFULNESS = PEACE = COMFORT = GOD. Therefore; third sign of any decision coming from our heart is; we only deal with truthfulness. Dealing with pure truthfulness can bring discomfort sometimes. We have to get rid of our ego for that. Then it becomes easy. Push comes to shove in all areas of our world; a brief discomfort will pave the way for reassurance, love and freedom. Job woh miljaye...Dil kare ke party ho...Kuch isss tarah…take a look at the video… Abhi toh party suruh hui hey…


I am a fraction; you will make me whole…song below sings… Chalo Sowh-jaein? Goodnight fir. Subhratri and Sabah Khair. Have a rocking week ahead. Remember to wear your smile all through the week. It brings victory for our heart over our mind. Shall we? Aur suno; Jaldi kya hey? Experience of living few days under pure love; is far better than living years under constant compromises. Because Love is the most important experience of life. If we didn't experience that; they nothing else (wealth, car, luxury, Job, Promotion, house, travel, wine, food, chocolate, diamond) matters. Because we still didn't experience the best. This golden rule applies to any sort of relationships, not just romatic relationships. They say; we are capable of giving love to others; ONLY when we feel loved within us. And to feel loved within us; we need pure love around us; not compromise...not pretence.. Look for it using heart (not mind); recognize it, Seize it, Enjoy it. Mind looks around for deals and heart? Heart says "You don't choose to love someone through best fall in love" . Pyar Kiya nahin jata....HO JATA HEY. Job HO JATA hey; woh kabhi nahin KHOTA, come what the situation/condition may bring to test.  LOVE = GOD. God Bless humanity. ;)

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