Rise of Women empowerment

Posted on September 6, 2013
Location: London
Rise of Women empowerment

Often friends make fun of me… what is all these writing you got into…daily posting, philosophical writing! What is going on? Nothing really – simply I want to empty my mind and fill my heart. That's all.

BTW; my colleague also mentioned about the rise of Women empowerment. Being raised in India, I am used to this subject more than anyone else in the western world. But as per my colleague (same one I mentioned in my previous blog, who is little elder (30+ years) to me) that the women in the west, 50 years ago, also did not go out of the house, only stayed at home, looked after family and the society regarded them as home makers, where they had a distinct role to play in the whole existence.

But that concept changed slowly in last 50 years in the west, same time as it did in India. And all of us supported the same. While it was a natural choice and transition in the west, it has to be revolution in the east, especially in India. So much so that, Sushmita Banerjee was shot dead in Afghanistan, just for writing a book on her life experience in Afghanistan. Not just once, but twenty rounds of firing took place on this very daring lady. Very sad. Why? Any thoughts? Why in the east; people resist more to Women empowerment, and not in the west?

Never mind; point I want to make is not about WHY it is the way it is; but HOW it can change.

Our GOVT has to stop making girls/Women feel/look more helpless/measurable on a daily basis. Offering "Equal rights" in true sense is the first step. What is the need of "Job quota for women" in India, if you wan to make them equal in the society? It is not there in the west, so why should it be there in the east? Rather, if you really want to do something, why don’t you make effort / spend money to make them more educated, aware and capable by building separate schools, by creating separate/specific jobs for them like in the west? Why don’t we legalize the law of probity (For Example: by stopping Women claiming 50% of their husband’s property after separation) to make them little democratic, if we claim to be a democratic nation?

Well; it is AGAIN A two way street. Change can not come from the GOVT. Those who will achieve empowerment; should feel the honor through empowerment, even before achieving it. We should conceive, plan & act - not just TALK.

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