Jai Mata Di!!!

Posted on February 4, 2014
Location: Bhubaneswar, India
Jai Mata Di!!!

Sometimes, Indian parents seem to be harder to deal with than the rest. With high academic expectations, the no-dating rule, and their cultural differences, many Indian teens while growing up often feel overwhelmed. We all feel the heat! What about the pain that our parents go through in bringing us up? There are parents, who go out of the their ways to facilitate, accommodate, adjust, pray to god and do whatever it takes for the betterment of their children. And at a time when they need most, how can they ask their own children to support them? Did we ask them to help us, when we were little? No! No because we thought it was their duty and they performed that duty with grace? Now, whose duty is it now to look after the ageing parents? They themselves or we for whom they spent their life planning, adjusting and accommodating?

My mother spends 12 hours in a day, every day, since the time I remember, worshiping the almighty GOD! And I am sure all she ever asks from the GOD is to keep her children safe. Now when she is ill, I thought I must turn back to the GOD only, pray to him to keep my mother safe and out of danger. She will be undergoing a surgery in next few days. I have another mother too; my second mother…MATA VAISHNO DEVI! Slowly by Slowly (as our friend Anil says); I have managed to convince most of my family members, siblings, and now friends to join me for the darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi. Over last 14 years, I must have visited 7-8 times to this holy shrine. The Holy Cave of the Mother is situated at an altitude of 5200 ft. The yatris have to undertake a trek of nearly 12 km from the base camp at Katra (in Jammu state of India). At the culmination of their pilgrimage, the yatries are blessed with the Darshans of the Mother Goddess inside the Sanctum Sanctorum- the Holy Cave. These Darshans are in the shape of three natural rock formations called the Pindies. There are no statues or idols inside the Cave.

Joined me this time on this holy journey, are my two anmol ratans (priceless gems)…ek to Ram aur, ek Lakhan. Wakehi (Indeed)…one is Ram and other is typical Lakhan! What am I then, I should be Bharat, the brother who is younger than one and elder than other. This journey was the easiest and the most enjoyable one of all, thanks to the Ram (Sabya) and Lakhan (Milu)!!! They talk about miracles and we witnessed miracle this time …someone has not walked for one kilometer at a time since last 4 years due to back injury, walked a total of 30 kms, without much of support, and he was just fine at the end of it and roaring to go again…walk more…one more round may be?!!!

Back home now…mother has been admitted to the hospital and the surgery will take place in next few days. I am not scared at all. NOPE! I know she will just be fine!!! What do you think?

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