Posted on February 20, 2014
Location: Bhubaneswar, India

What we think is good, might not be good for other person. It is a relative term & varies.   How do we know what is good and what is bad? Difficult question! How do we prepare a convincible answer to this very debatable question?

Our actions always and easily get influenced by people around us. We assume by mistake; what others say/do is the right thing to follow.   Most of us do this, or have been used to doing this. As long as we understand/acknowledge this mistake now, we are on our way to recovery…with a lasting change…change in our attitude to appreciate something, which is eternal, which never changes.

For Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains, the GODs look so humanly and lively! This is because of the fact that some these spiritual figures were actual living-being on this earth surface.   They lived their life with certain virtues and principles. Their virtues and principles were passed on down to us as traditions or social rules. These traditions/social-rules are not questionable but respected by one and all. When we follow these traditions/social-rules as our guidance to judge the difference between good/bad; no questions asked, no one does cross questioning. But when we follow things happening around us as our guidance, then that brings duality in our mind, confusions to our action and obviously becomes relative terms.

When in UK, do we prefer “Full English” or “Continental”? It’s NO- BRAINER! When at the beach, we wear shorts or suits? It’s NO-BRAINER!   Have you watched this advert on “No brainer”? Brilliant. They show it at movies in the UK, just before the movie starts. They come up with most irritating concepts for advertisement, but look at this, it is making an impact and we are talking about it outside the theater. Because –   No-Brainers are No-Brainers, which everyone/most of us, appreciate, apprehend and comprehend! No?

Similarly; following a widely accepted universal rule, followed for millions of years is NO-BRAINER, than following something which is situational, humanly, set by some of us in the recent past, to tackle a specific situation, through shortcuts. There are NO-SHORTCUTS in NO-BRAINERS! There are always good results for being righteous, kind, virtuous, rectitude, truthful, moral, principled, integral, objective, upright & decent. No? What do you think?

They throw stone at us for almost everything, whether we do good or otherwise.  But when we follow the NO-BRAINERS/Widely accepted traditions/social rules – the stones still come in our way but bounce back at them like a rubber ball hitting the concrete wall. And if we followed what others follow around us – we melt like the ice in the water  (Pani baan ke pighal jana, jaise barf ka mukaddar hota hey!).  It is our choice to aim to be the concrete wall or the melting ice.  (Hum pakka deewar baney, yaa phir pighalta barf, yeah chunaab sirf hamara hey.)

Let’s look deep into these pictures below...can we the GOD is SMILING? Feel his wisdom and power through these pictures and let’s get evolved. Lets smile and appreciate that "OUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE", where the GOD resides. Let's respect ourselves/others BUT lets try to impress ONLY the creator, not his creation (people around us).!!! GOD BLESS. Take care. Love you all...     

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