....I love Iftar, even better from today!

Posted on July 22, 2013
Location: London
....I love Iftar, even better from today!

Iftar, refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. And I will tell you what - every Muslim household makes it a royal affair, the food range, drinks (non-alcoholic), deserts, fruits, nuts, salads, set up...in every sense.

No No - mine was equally good one too today. Went to a Hindu Prayer, for friend's mother, who passed away last month. It was held at Nisden temple. Good food. Locked horn with some big wigs of the temple, in some controversial and intense religious topics. Thought they are going to be so upset that they are going to ban me to visit this breathtaking beautiful temple in London. But I always escape narrowly. In fact; they found some honesty in my curious questions and one of them drop me all the way to home in his car. That was such a gesture...well appreciated. Thank you very much, your highness!

But whether it is Iftar or Hindu prayer or Christian prayer - I expect all of them to fetch peace, harmony, love, friendship ONLY in this world - and anything else should diminish...any odds, any animosity, any anger, any jealousy, and any tension.

And lucky we are today - majority of Indian newspapers and new channels making headlines for the restore of a friendship, which divided the BIGGEST FILM INDUSTRY of the world (BOLLYWOOD) into two groups. Directors, Production houses, Technicians, junior artists, Actresses...all were divided. They were to choose either of the groups...only choice, they had for survival...BUT NO MORE...

It ended today at Congress MLA Baba Siddique’s iftaar party in Mumbai today. I did mention two things, makes someone supreme: on my DAILY POSTING DAY 110. They are: To forgive and to ask for forgiveness for self. And only who possesses these supreme quality, I call him "BHAI-JAAN" for last 23 years. Heera hey Heera (He is sucha diamond). Because he is the one, who was brave enough/had a large heart/courage, in front of whole world/media to walk up to his archrival, give him a warm hug and to say "Shahrukh tum baitho, mein saab se milke aata hoon" (Please listen carefully to Bhai-jaan’s voice in last few seconds of the video clip attached) (Shahrukh you sit-down, enjoy your dinner, I will come back, meeting all the guests)! How sweet! On the eve of this forget & forgiveness season I also want to FORGIVE, all the millions of Sharukh Khan Fans (girls mostly), who kept saying to me for year: "Bikash - Ohh you like Salman?...ywak... !...yeeeow! How can you? He is so full on....what not". Babies - today Bhaijaan has also claimed Baazigaar title, in spirit of the moment. AND I....I love Iftar, even better from today!





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