I believe in you, your goals, dreams and passions!

Posted on March 24, 2013
Location: London
I believe in you, your goals, dreams and passions!

All of us, been in this space. I am assuming. May be some lucky ones have not. I have been through. A PHASE in our life, when we face failures, people will start to criticize us, keep away from us and with take no time to cut off from us. And when we taste success, everyone will be keen to be in our friends list and do whatever it takes to get close to us. Any one to disagree with this? May be not!

However the one who goes through this; has no choice but to regain his strength to fight back and stand on own foot once again. In success or failure, we remain our: Guidance, Light, Sunshine, Bornevita or Horlicks or Vitamins, for life.

This often crosses my mind. If I look back, I have failed more than I succeed in most of my professional ventures so far. But hey, I have tried. IT, Consulting, Recruitment, Restaurant, Export-Import, Web Development, Offshore development and what not – all of these have been tried and some/most of these didn’t work out. Some worked for sometime, some didn’t work at all, some were successful and some are still working (Thank God, I am alive because of the ones still working) – Big deal? Nooooooo! Am I broken, have I given up? Not at all. I am still excited about remaining possibilities for rest of my life! They are all experiences, which tell me what I lacked in each of the cases. For some of these; I will play my second innings and for some other, I have called it a quit. They were all different enlightenments - enlightenments on strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats, SWOT analysis to some extent.

I have said earlier – it is important, and it definitely helps when you are around people who make you feel positive, who will remind you about your strengths, tell you that you are the best with your strengths area and there is no one better than you. Does that really happen in today’s materialistic world? YES IT DOES. In my experience it does. Up to a certain age, I never felt I had any special ability to try even achieving what I am trying these days. I was happy with my world of JUST-OK-TYPE self indulgence, when these people came into my life, shook me hard and told me – that I have some qualities which are worth and their belief in me changed me forever.

Did you have anyone to tell you: “I believe in you, your goals, dreams and passions - if you put your heart and soul into it, you will get somewhere with them.”?

I've seen many people achieve more than they thought they ever could, as long as they stay at it and are ready to learn from their mistakes. People who are friends with me, would recall, I often ask around, what did they think I am lacking, how can I get better? Does that make me look small? Does not matter. I know what I am doing.

Everyone is born with a special quality. I really mean it. And in this area, he/she is better than most. That special quality need to be identified, observed and valued. I was lucky to have some people in my life to give me that push to believe in myself. Not everyone is lucky.

That is why; I want to believe in all of those people who lack a simple trust or support or believe in them, which could give them a push.

So if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts like 'nobody believes in me,' correct yourself. Time is up. Tell yourself 'that's not true. Even if nobody else does, I want to believe in you. YES I (BCM) WANT TO BELIEVE IN YOU, JUST REMEMBER. Just reach out and you will find many good people around, just as they happened to me.

Its time to say Good Night real world, Hello dream world. Smiles then? There you go. Love you all.

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