Humility is our friend :)!

Posted on April 29, 2016
Location: London
Humility is our friend :)!

Spring! Spring means to surge ahead. That’s what they do…the trees, plants, vegetation in entirety…after winter and before summer. My favourite season, it is. Trees try to make a statement in the spring. It feels they are trying to tell me something, as I pass them by on my running track. What? I know what they are trying to tell. They always say this…it’s just that I never listen properly; most of us give it a miss. But they do have a very valid point. Try to listen, all I can say. Before that, look at them, look at their happiness, bring them close to your eyes and be part of their festivity and delight.

Spring always comes back after winter. We can sort of expect it still. How about when do don’t have winter at all? Will we still expect spring? I doubt it – it’s a complementing cycle, within them all seasons make together. There is no winter in my home town anymore. I feel sad. Those were the streets I rode motor bikes with my heavy winter jackets while still living in Bhubaneswar, studying my engineering degree. I can’t say my concerns are justified. Who knows, if there used to be winter in middle-eastern region as well, a century or two ago, which is now a distant reality. Something is changing…its big. I can sense it, may be we’ll not see it, in our life time, but it is definitely coming…next generation will observe it for sure.

Velocity of changes is reciprocal to its demographic attribute. Younger people are more agile. They adapt to transformation quickly. That’s how it is, nothing wrong – pure biology in play. How much of change is sustainable and how much of it is pure excess? Any thoughts?

Daily local newspaper read; Toxic air kills 1000 Londers in 4 months!!! What’s that number of people died in bombing in Syria recently? There is no terrorism in play here; but the numbers are aligned pretty comparable. Apparently toxic air causes mostly by diesel vehicles, is particularly dangerous as it can get deep into lungs ands seep into bloodstream – causing heart and lung diseases, cancer and aggravating asthma. No wonder the number of people suffering from heart attack and cancer has raised so suddenly in the big cities. Friday it is today. Many of us with stand pretty tonight in all those selfies, with varieties of toxic substances and dispatch social media for a nap… as if toxic air was not enough.

Future is always begging for attention. Those insurance companies, banks and investment bankers are constantly encouraging us to think about future. That’s their job and they make their living by making us concerned and paying to protect ourselves for something that won’t happen perhaps.

Everyone is doing their duty, earning their bread, whether or not it is of any benefit to others. There are many ways to find happiness. There is not a single-cut solution.  Some find it by consuming toxic substance; some find it by creating toxic air and some find it by creating fear for the future. Excessive future-focus is the single most toxic generating inventiveness, we have at the moment. Everything else is by-products, whether it is toxic air or toxic substance.

Humility is our friend wink BEING mindful will create the humility and mindfulness will require inward journey…With that thought lets breath some non-toxic freshness. Have a soulful listening and a restful hibernation tonight. Love you all. It is always pleasure connecting with you all. Have a great weekend.

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